Site Hack Information

On August 2, 2016 Twisted Plays main website at was hacked. While no customer or personal information was compomised a hacker was able to place a small code on the site which made visitors think that they needed to update their flash player. When we discovered the hack we immediatley shut down the site and began to rebuild. We will continue to add updates on this page. Thank you!

  • 8/4/16: New site is up at - no customer data has been transferred at this time. We are going through each customer account to ensure that each is correct and safe. Financial information is NOT kept on the Twisted Plays website so at no point was any customer's financial information at risk. We hope to merge accounts by the end of the month. In the meantime if you are a returning customer feel free to create a new account or contact customer care to place an order.
  • 8/17/16: Full website in order including all functions. Merge of customer information will begin soon. New products have been added. All departments confirm that the website is up and working. If any customer notices an issue please contact customer care. Thank you!

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