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GET LOUD Musicals are musicals designed for middle and high school students and feature pop/rock scores. All stories are family-friendly and perfect for teens. Check out the musicals is this new collection below.

Jack works at an ordinary supermarket, Ordinary Mart. It’s like time has been standing still there since 1997. You can find two kinds of chips on the shelves and they only accept cash. Helping customers is important, but very time-consuming, which causes everything and everybody moves a little slow. But thanks to Jack, a star employee who seems to be able to handle everything, things are getting done on time. But Jack has a secret: if he removes the old clock from the wall, time will literally stand still. This way, he can catch up on everything that needs to get done. When Ordinary Mart is nominated for a make-over and Jack's clock is removed ... can Ordinary Mart survive?

1 hour, 15 minutes

 Script, Director Manual, performance & accompaniment music, Song lyrics, Score, Prop list, PLUS Access to video files for students to sing along to!!

28 characters that can be played by 22 up to 32 actors. There are other versions available for 12 players minimum to 52 players maximum.

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