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About Us

Twisted Plays began in 2010 in New Jersey with the publishing of Oz is Twisted, a modern version of the Wizard of Oz.  The Twisted Catalog has grown over these short few years to feature many new titles of twisted tales.  Twisted Plays are fun, educational retelling of classic stories! Each play is modernized and teaches a great lesson. Our plays are written and prepared for schools, community theatres, children and anyone interested in good whole-some fun!

In 2013, Twisted Plays began a partnership with Hal Leonard corporation as a dealer of all of their products.  In particular, classroom resources and musicals.  Twisted Plays began a similar partnership with Alfred Music in 2014.  We continue to acquire new plays from authors throughout the U.S., with our most recent acquisition The Gator Of Glen Ridge.  In 2014 we partnered with Sheet Music Direct to provide our customers with instant downloads of their favorite sheet music.  In 2015 we began a partnership with Total Sheet Music to fill in any gaps in music left by Sheet Music Direct.  Between these two digital music suppliers our customers have thousands of pieces of music in their hands!

Twisted Plays main headquarters are located in New Jersey, while the licensing division is located primarily in Minnesota.  To celebrate our 5th year in business we updated our logo, keeping the basic shape of the tornado to represent our twisted tales.

Our Suppliers

We work with several amazing partner companies - Hal Leonard, Alfred Music and Jubilate Music Group - to supply you with incredible products.  While you will only see the products we have selected based on our customers, we have access to these companies entire line of products.  This means that you can visit their sites and if you see a product that's not in our store - we can get it for you ... at a discount! Their websites will list the suggested selling price of each item - we will get it for you cheaper! Guaranteed!  If you see a product from our parent companies that you want - email us at and we will get it for you!  Click on their logo below to visit their online store.

Sheet Music Downloads

Twisted Plays is proud to partner with Sheet Music Direct!  Sheet Music Direct is a digital download site for sheet music. Here, musicians can view sheet music on screen, interact with it, then buy and print it out for later use without leaving their chair. This site is an official, authorized, and licensed service; every sale generates a royalty for the relevant publishers and songwriters.  In 2015 we began a partnership with Total Sheet Music.  Just like Sheet Music Direct, Total Sheet Music provides digital downloads of sheet music for you to use immediatley!  Between these two stores we are putting thousands of pieces of music at your fingertips!

Coming Soon ... Rep en Roer

Twisted Plays is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Rep en Roer. More information will be available in 2023.


We can bill any organization with a legitimate business address and phone number. All others, including businesses run out of a home, must prepay for all material and royalties. You can pay via PayPal or by check.

Currently the law only requires us to collect sales tax on those customers in New Jersey for whom we do not have a tax-exempt number on file.  Please be aware that this is not a company policy but simply our compliance with state and federal laws, which may change at any time.

eKits and Plays are available worldwide | All Products/Shows are available in the USA | All Products/Shows are available in Canada except for the Broadway Collection


There is no return policy.  This means that once your purchase our production costs (scripts, licensing fees, etc.) you are required to keep them.  If you have extreme circumstance and require a return please be aware that any returns received may be refused or subjected to a 20% restocking fee in addition to original shipping charges.  Damaged properties will not be allowed a refund.  Handling returns is very labor intensive and costly for a company. If we allowed returns as a standard practice, we would have to raise all of our prices to compensate for this added expense.

Since we are an American company, all our prices are in US Dollars. Likewise, we only bill in US funds. We strongly prefer that our international customers pay in US Dollars.  If you cannot pay in US Dollars, please obtain the most current conversion rate to calculate your payment. We won’t worry if the exchange rate changes by a small amount before we receive your payment as long as you have made an honest attempt to pay an accurate equivalent.  Please remember that international customers are responsible for their own brokerage, duties and taxes.


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