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15 Mar Splat!
0 82
We use this activity to ..warm-up the body and voiceencourage focuspractice quick decision makingraise attentivenessProcedure:The group stands forming a circle with the teacher in the middle.The teacher throws an imaginary pie at one player in the ci..
14 Mar Zip, Zap, Zop
Joe 0 100
We use this activity to ...increase focus, attentiveness and work on quick decision makingraise comfort level of a group and releases energyProcedure:Level 1Players stand in a circle. Player A claps his hands, ending in a pointing position toward the..
14 Mar The Name Game
Joe 0 74
We use this activity to ...learn names and something about each playerunderstand how to pantomime and communicate ideasProcedure:Gather players in a circle.Have each player say their first name and pantomime a gesture for each syllable in their name...
14 Mar Lap, Clap, Snap
Joe 0 26
We use this activity to ...practice learning everyone’s namespractice rhythm coordinationraise the comfort level of the groupProcedure:Sit on the floor in a big group circle.Have everyone go around and introduce their first name.Teach the group the v..
14 Mar Introduction Door
Joe 0 48
We use this activity to kids introduce themselves and to raise the comfort level of the groupencourages kids to overcome any stage frightProcedure:Using either a real door or an imaginary door (which you create for the players), each player m..
27 Dec Free Script - The Deer in the Barn
Joe 0 306
The Deer in the BarnA deer being chased by hunters takes refuge in a barn.  It escapes the hunters, but when the master discovers the deer, the stable boys kill it. (Aesop)Get the play in your account - click here..
07 Dec Free Classroom Performance Licenses
Joe 0 1423
We offer free classroom performances licenses on many of our plays!  If you are a classroom teacher using one of our plays for educational purposes and would like to perform the show for parents/friends for free we can grant you a free license.Shows ..
21 Nov Mime It Up
Joe 0 814
We use this activity to ...prepare students to use mime or pantomime on stageProcedure:Students participate in "Silent Scenes" in Drama Kids sessions. Mime is a theatrical technique used in these situations. Drama Kids are pushed to construct a chara..
16 Nov Free Script - The Frog and the Ox
Joe 0 393
The Frog and the OxWhen some young frogs are frightened by an ox, their father tries to prove that he can be as big as the ox. (Aesop)Get the play in your account - click here..
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