You can use this mini-play royalty free from Twisted Plays!  This play is based on the story The Fox And The Grapes by Aesop.

The Fox and the Grapes: A 5-Minute Play for Kids Characters: Narrator Fox (can be played by one child or multiple children) Grapes (played by a bunch of green balloons tied together and hung high on a stick, or construction paper grapes attached to a stick) Props: A stick with grapes (balloons or construction paper) (Optional) A whistle for the Narrator Scene: The stage is bare, except for a tree stump center stage. (Narrator enters, holding the stick with grapes high above their head) Narrator: (Waves the stick with grapes) It was a bright and sunny day in the forest. Our friend Fox was feeling quite peckish. His tummy was rumbling like a thunderstorm! (Fox enters, rubbing their tummy and looking around) Fox: (Whining) Oh dear, my tummy is so empty! I wish I could find something yummy to eat. (Fox looks around and spots the grapes. Their eyes widen) Fox: Wow! Look at that! Juicy, purple grapes! They look absolutely delicious! (Fox jumps to try and reach the grapes, but misses) Fox: (Grunts) Oh no! Those grapes are way too high! (Fox tries again, taking a running leap, but still misses) Narrator: The Fox tried and tried to reach the grapes, but they were just out of reach. (Fox jumps a few more times, getting frustrated) Fox: (Pouts) This is impossible! Why are they so high up? (Fox sits down next to the tree stump, panting) Narrator: The Fox was getting tired and discouraged. Fox: (Sighs) I bet those grapes are sour anyway. Even if I could reach them, they wouldn't be any good! (Fox walks away, looking grumpy) Narrator: The Fox walked away, pretending he didn't want the grapes after all. But deep down, the Fox was just disappointed they couldn't have any. (Narrator looks at the grapes, then at the audience) Narrator: Sometimes, when we can't get something we want, we might try to convince ourselves it wasn't that great anyway. But it's important to remember that just because something is hard to reach, doesn't mean it's not good. (Narrator smiles at the audience) Narrator: And that's the story of the Fox and the Grapes! (Narrator lowers the stick with grapes and bows) The End

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