You can use this mini-play royalty free from Twisted Plays!  This play is based on the story The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County by Mark Twain.

The Amazing Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

: A short Play for Kids Characters: Narrator: A storyteller Simon Wheeler: An old man who loves to talk Jim Smiley: The frog-training gambler Stranger: A sneaky newcomer Dan'l Webster (the Frog): (Can be a puppet or a child hopping around) Setting: A simple stage with a few chairs, maybe a saloon backdrop. Scene 1: Narrator: Once upon a time, in a dusty old town, there lived a man named Simon Wheeler. He loved to tell stories, especially about a fellow named Jim Smiley. (Simon Wheeler enters, sits down, and starts talking.) Simon Wheeler: Jim Smiley was the bettin'-est man you ever met! He'd bet on anything! Horse races, dog fights, even which bird on a fence would fly away first! Narrator: But Jim's most famous bet was on his frog, Dan'l Webster. (Dan'l Webster the Frog hops onto the stage.) Simon Wheeler: Now, this Dan'l wasn't just any frog. Jim taught him to jump higher than any other frog in Calaveras County! Scene 2: Narrator: One day, a stranger came to town. (Stranger enters, looking sly.) Stranger: I hear you have a jumping frog? Jim Smiley: (Proudly) That I do! Dan'l Webster can outjump any frog around! Stranger: (Scoffs) I doubt that. Jim Smiley: Wanna bet? Stranger: You're on! Scene 3: Narrator: While Jim went to find a frog for the stranger, the stranger did something sneaky... (Stranger takes out a bag of tiny pebbles and feeds them to Dan'l Webster.) Narrator: When Jim came back with a new frog, they lined them up for a jumping contest. (The two frogs line up. The stranger's frog jumps far. Dan'l Webster barely moves.) Jim Smiley: (Confused) What in tarnation? Stranger: (Taking the money) Looks like I won! (Stranger exits, laughing.) Scene 4: Narrator: Jim scratched his head, wondering what happened. He picked up Dan'l... Jim Smiley: Why, you feel mighty heavy! (Dan'l Webster burps, and pebbles fall out.) Jim Smiley: (Angry) That cheat! Narrator: But the stranger was long gone, and Jim Smiley learned a valuable lesson that day: Don't trust strangers who want to bet on frogs! (Everyone bows.) Narrator: And that's the story of the amazing jumping frog of Calaveras County! The End

Additional Notes:

  • You can add fun sound effects like ribbiting and burping.
  • Encourage kids to be expressive and have fun with the exaggerated characters.
  • Consider adding simple costumes like a hat for Simon Wheeler and overalls for Jim Smiley.

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