We use this activity to ...

  • increase focus, attentiveness and work on quick decision making
  • raise comfort level of a group and releases energy


Level 1

  1. Players stand in a circle.
  2. Player A claps his hands, ending in a pointing position toward the direction of another player. Simultaneously Player A will say the nonsense word “Zip!” Player B repeats the clap and action while saying “Zap!” at another player. Player C repeats the clap action while saying “Zop!” at yet another player.
  3. Players can clap and point at any player they choose, but they must follow the pattern “Zip, Zap, Zop.”
  4. This game is typically played as an elimination game where everyone who says a word out of order (ie. saying “Zop” instead of “Zip”) or takes too long is eliminated from the game till there is only one player left.

Level 2

After the group gets the hang of Level 1, you can have them remove either the clap action or saying the words “Zip, Zap, Zop.” Focus is passed from one player to another by using just the word pattern or by clap action only, not both.

Level 3

When they’ve mastered Level 2, remove the clap action as well as saying any words. Focus is passed by making direct eye contact only.