We use this activity to ...

  • learn names and something about each player
  • understand how to pantomime and communicate ideas


  1. Gather players in a circle.
  2. Have each player say their first name and pantomime a gesture for each syllable in their name. The action should be simple and can demonstrate a hobby, interest, or something that they do everyday. Example: I say “Pam-e-la” and gesture a paddle stroke on each side of my body (one stroke per syllable, on my left-right-left side) to show I like to canoe.
  3. Each player individually says their name while demonstrating the gesture then all together the group repeats the name and gesture.
  4. Repeat the process around the circle so everyone shares their name and gesture.
  5. Let any player up for the challenge demonstrate the name and gesture of every person in the group. This can be done in the same session if time allows or at a later session.