We use this activity to ..
  • warm-up the body and voice
  • encourage focus
  • practice quick decision making
  • raise attentiveness


  1. The group stands forming a circle with the teacher in the middle.
  2. The teacher throws an imaginary pie at one player in the circle.
  3. That chosen player must duck and the two players on either side of him throws an imaginary pie at one other and shouts “SPLAT!”.
  4. If the chosen player doesn’t duck, he is out. If he does duck in time, the last player to throw their pie on either side of him is out.
  5. Continue until you are down to just two players left.
  6. When there are only two players left begin THE DUEL. The two remaining players stand back to back in the middle of the circle. Pick a category of objects to call out, such as cereal. Each time the teacher calls out a type of cereal, the two players take one step forward. When a word that is NOT a type of cereal is called out, they must throw their pies. The first to throw the pie at the correct time is the winner!