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15 Minute Plays

15 Minute Plays

Our new collection, 15 Minute Plays, is just that - plays that only take about 15 minutes to perform.  They are great for classrooms, festivals, showcases or perform several of them as a full show.

The plays are written on a 3rd/4th grade reading level, but are great for teens and adults as well.


  • Scripts: $5-$10 each
  • Licensing: $5-$15 per performance*
  • Series Licensing (up to 4 titles at once): $35 per performance

*Licensing is FREE for classroom performances where there is NO CHARGE for admission and the audience is under 50 persons.

Titles in Development:

  • Snow Queen

Item Number: 978-1-56308-946-6
Comedy, tragedy, romance, mistaken identities, and misalliances — it’s all here in a unique collection of readers theatre scripts.  These thirteen scripts from Weekly Reader’s Read Magazine feature age-appropriate adaptations of Shakespeare’s best-known works such as King Lear and A Midsummer N..
Author: Twisted Plays Item Number: SLBE
This traditional telling of the story of Sleeping Beauty includes a princess that sleeps for a hundred years, fairies and more.Cast: 17THE KINGTHE QUEEN7 FAIRIES WICKED FAIRYTHE PRINCESSTHE PRINCEA WOMANA GUARD 3 HUNTERSRunning Time: 15 minutesRoyalty Free!  Just download the script a..
Sleeping Beauty's Alarm Clock
In Development
Author: Twisted Plays Item Number: SBAC
COMING SOON!In this play to save the kingdom from eternal sleep, the prince must embark on a quest to find the elusive enchanted alarm clock, the only thing that can wake up Sleeping Beauty and break the spell. Along the way, he encounters quirky creatures and magical time loops. This show is part ..
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Out Of Stock
Item Number: 15MIN-BOY
  Steve tries to take his boring job and make it seem much more interesting by pretending a wolf is bothering his sheep.  His fellow farm workers tire of his games and things really get interesting when he is visited by a real wolf! Characters: Farmer Farm Workers: ..
Item Number: GKC
Introducing "The Great Kangaroo Caper" – a delightful and uproarious theatrical adventure that's bound to have you hopping with laughter! This heartwarming play takes you to the kangaroo exhibit at the city zoo, where a cast of lovable and mischievous kangaroos embarks on a wild escapade filled with..
Author: Twisted Plays Item Number: TGLGC
The Great Leprechaun Gold Caper: A Fun-Filled Adventure for Young Audiences A charming and hilarious play for children of all ages, bursting with St. Patrick's Day magic, witty riddles, and valuable lessons about friendship, kindness, and the true meaning of celebration.Synopsis: Molly and Finn..
Item Number: 15MIN-REDHEN
The little red hen has a lot of work to do, but who will help her?  Will it be the cat?  The Dog? The Duck?  Join this little worker down on the farm in this short play.The Little Red Hen is a heartwarming play that tells the story of a hardworking hen who lives on a big farm. She has..
Author: Twisted Plays Item Number: LRRAD
Step into the captivating world of "The Little Red Riding Hood Adventure Agency" a thrilling play that brings the classic fairy tale to life in a whole new way! This engaging and imaginative production is perfect for young actors and audiences alike, making it a must-have addition to your drama repe..
The Littlest Cupid
Coming Soon
Item Number: TLCU
A heart-warming play about friendship, kindness, and the true meaning of love!The Littlest Cupid is a delightful play perfect for young audiences that celebrates the diverse forms of love and the power of friendship and kindness. In this charming story, we meet Cupid, a mischievous cherub who's stru..
Author: Twisted Plays Item Number: MOTMM
The Mystery of the Missing Melons: A Summertime Play for Kids (Cast size: 4-8)Looking for a fun and refreshing way to entertain kids this summer? The Mystery of the Missing Melons is a delightful play brimming with sunshine, silliness, and a touch of detective work!Synopsis: Sunny and Sandy's perfec..
Item Number: TPCG
Inanimate objects vie for attention in creating the ideal Christmas gift and learn that their combined efforts are needed to realize the true spirit of the holiday."The Perfect Christmas Gift" is a heartwarming play about the true meaning of gift-giving. The story follows a teddy bear, who thinks he..
Item Number: 15PIED
Step into the beautiful valley town of Hamelin, where life has been turned upside down by a rat infestation. The citizens are at their wits' end, with rats stealing everything from bread to money to books. As they struggle to find a solution, the town council - led by the bumbling Mackintosh and Hig..
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