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Pre-Teen Plays

Pre-Teen Plays

Our pre-teen plays are intended for performance by Pre-Teens ages 9-14, however all plays can be performed by any age level including adults.

These plays are usually at least one hour in length. 

License Types:

  • Photocopy License - you can print as many scripts as you'd like [$20.00]
  • Video License - you can video your production and provide DVDs or private download to your cast/crew [$25.00]
  • Live Streaming License - you can live stream your production [$35.00]
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: 1026
Everyone loves the 4th of July and the kids in Apple Pie, Pennsylvania discover the reason why their town celebrates the 4th with a huge parade every year. As they wait for the parade to start, they engage in small talk and share stories about their town's traditions.  Filled with FUN facts abo..
Author: Andrew Frodahl Item Number: 1110
7 WORST JOBS OF THE MIDDLE AGES Seven teens are gathered together, complaining about the ignominy of their summer jobs. The Fairy of Fairness teaches them a lesson by transporting them back in time to learn what summer jobs were like in the Middle Ages.Author : Andrew FrodahlRoyalty : $35 Per P..
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: 1007
A KIDS CHRISTMAS CAROLThis retelling of the Charles Dickens classic features all of the moments that you expect, but there’s no death, no spirits, just kid fun. Ebby Scrooge hasn’t been behaving in school. No one wants to sit by Ebby at lunch and Ebby won’t let anyone borrow anything! Join Jacob, Eb..
Duck, Duck, Goose!
In Development
Item Number: DDGPL
Join Pip and Penny, two curious ducklings, as they encounter a mysterious visitor claiming to be a "Cloud Duck." Quackers, with his flamboyant personality and unbelievable stories, quickly captivates the young ducklings. However, Penny remains cautious, sensing something amiss.Follow the adventure a..
Fairytales Don't Exist
New Coming Soon
Author: Raeanne Parks Item Number: FDE2024
Fairytales Don’t Exist follows two ordinary kids, Katie and Mike, who suddenly find themselves in Storybook Kingdom surrounded by all of their favorite fairytale characters. When Mike gets cursed, Katie must face her disbelief and find a way to save her friend, before the last petal falls from the r..
Item Number: HENPEN
Step into the exciting world of Henny Penny and Friends, where the barnyard comes alive with adventure, friendship, and valuable lessons! This captivating play offers an engaging experience for young learners in grades 3-5, combining entertainment with educational activities that align with Common C..
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: GONFLYPLAY
Join us on a captivating theatrical journey as we present "I'm Gonna Fly: The Amelia Earhart Story," a remarkable play for students in middle school. This inspiring production tells the story of Amelia Earhart, a courageous pioneer who defied societal norms and became an aviation legend.Amelia Earha..
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: PLAY_BATB
This play is an adaptation of the classic story Beauty and the Beast, with a twist. The story begins with the actors entering the stage and realizing there is an audience waiting for them. They decide to tell a familiar story, and eventually settle on Beauty and the Beast. They can't use the Disney ..
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: PLAY_SNWH
Several actors arrive on a stage to find an audience.  They quickly decide to tell the audience the story of Snow White!  When there's no apple prop, the Prince won't kiss Snow White and the dwarfs are named after the days of the week  - chaos ensues. With minimal costumes and sets yo..
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: ITTAKSN
When a group of neighborhood kids discover a new kid who doesn't know their name and appears in a snowbank they search for answers turning to a local newsreporter for help."It Takes One to Snow One" follows a group of friends as they enjoy a snow day together. As they wait for news on whether or not..
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: 1002
JAMIE AND THE GIANT CANTALOUPEJamie and the Giant Cantaloupe is the story of Jamie who is sent to live with her, not so nice, Aunt and Uncle and discovers a world of wonderful things! Throw in some magic and Jamie finds some new friends in some familiar bugs, oh and an extremely large cantaloupeAuth..
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: 1033
LOST AND FOUND: LITTLE BO PEEP MEETS MARY AND HER LAMB Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and she can’t find them, meanwhile Mary can’t get her little lamb to stop following her! Each young lady has a problem that maybe the other can help with! This hysterical play features talking sheep and man..
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