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Welcome to the CoreDramatics Web Store. 

CoreDramatics plays and musicals teach subject areas that are covered in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. The plays and musicals in each kit address the rigorous expectations put forth by the CCSS “that students read increasingly complex texts through the grades.”  Our kits embrace the CCSS College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Reading that inform solid instruction for literary and informational texts.

Each kit is an eKit.  All components will be available to download once your order is processed.


Author: Alexander Zwick Item Number: CORE_AHTT
Grades: 4-8Running Time: 30 minutesAbout: American History Time Travelers tells the story of U.S. history from before European settlement through the present day through comedy and modern pop music! All the major events are covered and so are your fifth grade state standards, as well as common ..
Foolish Fishers
Item Number: CD_FISHR
Reading Level: 3.0-3.5 About The Kit:  This kit is intended for grades 3-4 and includes the full script, lesson plans, vocabulary cards, blackline maters and additional instructional resources.  This unit is set for 2 weeks of class. About The Play: A bunch of people a..
Author: Alexander Zwick Item Number: CORE_GWAR
Grades: 2-6Running Time: 30 minutesAbout: Gold, What a Rush! tells the story of California's Gold Rush through comedy and country music! All the major players are here -- Sutter, Marshall, the merchants, miners, Argonauts, Native Americans, and Overland Travelers.Topics covered: how gold was di..
Author: Alexander Zwick Item Number: CORE_ROCK
Grades: 2-6Running Time: 30 minutesAbout: Rock Stars tells the story of three rocks from different feuding rock families (sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic), who must learn that they all are made up of minerals and aren't so different after all. This is fun, hard rock music with big guitars..
Author: Alexander Zwick Item Number: CORE_FOOD
Grades: 2-6Running Time: 30 minutesAbout: That Funky Food Chain is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for the students to become the consumers, producers, and decomposers that make life on earth possible. They'll show how plants get energy from the sun, plant-eaters from the plants, meat-eaters from t..
Author: Alexander Zwick Item Number: CORE_ELEC
Grades: 2-6Running Time: 30 minutesAbout: The Electric Hop dives into the exciting world of electricity, in an old fashioned, '50s-style, rock n' roll musical. Negative charges (played by boys) and positive charges (played by girls) learn that the feeling of "attraction" they're suddenly gettin..
Author: Alexander Zwick Item Number: CORE_WARWO
Grades: 2-6Running Time: 30 minutesAbout: "War of the Words (And Numbers)" is a Broadway-style musical that features the ultimate showdown between Language Arts and Mathematics. Students take on the roles of letters and numbers, experiencing first-hand the dilemma of which is more important in the w..
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