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5 Minute Plays/Scenes

5 Minute Plays/Scenes

5 Minute Plays & Scenes  are short plays and pieces of plays that only take about 5 minutes to perform.  They are great for classrooms, festivals, showcases or perform several of them as a full show.

The plays are written on 2nd-4th grade reading levels, but are great for teens and adults as well.


  • Scripts: $3.00 each
  • Licensing: $10 per performance*
  • Series Licensing (up to 4 titles at once): $25 per performance

*Licensing is FREE for classroom performances where there is NO CHARGE for admission and the audience is under 50 persons.

Titles in Development:

  • The Tortoise and the Hare
  • Foolish Fishers

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Item Number: 978-1-56608-104-7
The unique format of this book will get students talking whether they’re actors or not!  Duologues are not scenes for two people; rather, they are a pair of monologues about the same subject but from different viewpoints.  Likewise, triologues offer three perspectives on the same topic, wi..
Item Number: 978-1-56608-020-0
A superb resource for speech competitions, acting exercises, auditions, discussion starters, or variety shows.  The fifty-five original monologues in this collection are warm, funny, and best of all — real!  Any young person will relate to the topics of the scripts in this drama book, and ..
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: 1012
STONE SOUPA stranger comes to the village with just a stone and quickly get the villagers to work together to create a delicious soup that they all can share. The play is set up for 16 speaking characters – additional villagers are possible.Author : Joe FerrieroRoyalty : $5 Per Performance*Genre : C..
Author: Twisted Plays Item Number: FREE_DB
A deer being chased by hunters takes refuge in a barn.  It escapes the hunters, but when the master discovers the deer, the stable boys kill it. (Aesop)This show/script is FREE -- add to your cart and it will appear in your downloads...
Author: Twisted Plays Item Number: FREE_FO
When some young frogs are frightened by an ox, their father tries to prove that he can be as big as the ox. (Aesop)This show/script is FREE -- add to your cart and it will appear in your downloads...
Item Number: TORTHARE
 A race is set between the slowest and fasted animals in the forest.  Will speed or brains win out in the end?  The play is set up for 8 speaking characters  (including a narrator) - additional animals are possible...
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