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Welcome to eKIT - the future of licensing plays and musicals from Twisted Plays.  An eKIT is an instant download of everything you need to start producing your show instantly.

Each eKIT contains

        Script: to be printed for you cast and crew; includes vocal lines for each song
        Director's Book: full script, notes and  full piano score
        Graphics Package: png, jpg and pdf versions of the show logo

        Some eKITs may have additional resources included!  Your eKIT is available in your DOWNLOADS section of your Twisted Plays account once your order is confirmed by your rep.

        Item Number: eKit 09970070
        Show Info Grades: 1-6 Running Time: 35 minutes About: 'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a...wait a minute!?! What's going on here - Mom's running pass plays in the kitchen, Sis is doing her best Martha Stewart imit..
        A Barnyard Moosical eKit
        Hot eKit
        Author: Jill and Michael Gallina Item Number: HL 35001684
        A Barnyard Moosical: Where Imagination Meets the Farmyard Fun! Step into the whimsical world of "A Barnyard Moosical," a side-splitting and imaginative mini-musical designed for Grades K-4. This 20-minute barnyard bonanza introduces you to a one-of-a-kind group of animals residing on an extraor..
        Item Number: eKit_ARACE
        A Race to the FinishA Mini-Musical Based on Aesop's Fable "The Tortise and the Hare" for Unison and 2-Part VoicesBy Sally K. Albrecht and Jay AlthouseGRADES: K-6ABOUT: A Race to the Finish is a charming, witty, and whimsical mini-musical based on Aesop's most popular fable, "The Tortoise a..
        Item Number: ARFeKIT
        Grades: K-4 Running Time: 25 minutes About: Doggie Town is a-buzz with excitement! Judges from the famous Wurstchester Dog Show are coming to spot new talent, and everyone is busy rehearsing for the big show. General German Shepherd is drilling on proper etiquette and discipline..
        Item Number: 09971495
        Grades: 4-8 Running Time: 25 minutes About: Do you hear that beat? It's the sound of people entering the theater on the most famous street in the world. It's the sound of dancing feet and orchestras tuning up. It's the sound dreams are made of. It's the sound of Broadway! Celebr..
        Bunny Ears [eKit]
        15 Minutes eKit
        Author: Roger Emerson Item Number: 15MINBUN
        The play with the song “Runnin’ Bunnies." All of the bunnies enter the classroom displaying their “bunny skills."  Professor Rabbit then sits them down and begins to tell them about an exciting field trip to see Rock star “Michael Jackrabbit”.  Unfortunately, only about half of the bunnies..
        Cinderella ... If The Shoe Fits [eKIT]
        Hot eKit
        Item Number: eKIT_CIND
        Grades: 3-8Running Time: 30 minutesAbout: Who can resist this all-time favorite fairy tale, told with fun and flair? Our acting troupe takes over the stage area, playing rhyming Narrators, singing Villagers, friendly Animals, charming Royalty, energetic Messengers, the haughty Stepmother and Stepsis..
        Item Number: E0739080431
        Step into the world of Creepy Creatures, where music and education unite in a spine-tingling symphony! Calling all young explorers from Grades K-4, get ready for a musical adventure like no other! Our thrilling production, "Creepy Creatures," invites you to embark on a 25-minute journey filled ..
        Author: Jill and Michael Gallina Item Number: HL 35028289
        Grades: K-4 Running Time: 30 minutes About: Have a rip-roaring time teaching your kids about some amazing prehistoric creatures! Sing and play your way through the early history of life on earth and discover science in a way you never thought could be this fun! Dino Soaring! is ..
        Item Number: 09971188
        Grades: K-3Running Time: 20 minutesAbout: They sing - they dance - they'll make you laugh if you give them a chance! Here come the Dinostars - taking the stage to entertain you with heroic and Mesozoic acts of fun! With Raptors who rap, stand-up comedians, and even Tyrannosaurus Tex a..
        E-I-E-I Oops! The Musical [eKit]
        New eKit
        Item Number: EK09970085
        E-I-E-I Oops! - A Delightful 20-Minute Musical for Young Performers!Calling all farmers and future stars!Mosey on down to the barnyard for E-I-E-I Oops!, an engaging musical adventure perfect for grades K-4. This charming 20-minute production features all your favorite farmyard friends belting out t..
        Item Number: eKit_Elflandia
        Grades: K-5Running Time: 25 minutesAbout: Welcome to Elflandia - the land of Santa's elves - busy making toys and getting ready for Santa's yearly trip round the world to bring presents to all the deserving humans on the planet. But wait! Do human beings really exist? The reports the ..
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