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Welcome to eKIT - the future of licensing plays and musicals from Twisted Plays.  An eKIT is an instant download of everything you need to start producing your show instantly.

Each eKIT contains

        Script: to be printed for you cast and crew; includes vocal lines for each song
        Director's Book: full script, notes and  full piano score
        Graphics Package: png, jpg and pdf versions of the show logo

        Some eKITs may have additional resources included!  Your eKIT is available in your DOWNLOADS section of your Twisted Plays account once your order is confirmed by your rep.

        Pajama Party! A Musical Revue About How Bedtime Can Be a Blast! eKit
        Hot eKit
        Item Number: e9781495009716
        Composers: Cristi Miller, Jay Ferguson Grades: K-2 Running Time: 20 minutes About: It's time for bedtime to pick up our toys, take a bath time, brush our teeth and put our PJs on to end the day. But wait! What's that noise I hear under my bed? Where's my teddy bear? See how b..
        Author: Janet Gardner Item Number: 00-47901
        By Janet GardnerGrades: 3-8Running Time: 30 minutesAbout: Who or what is that shadowy figure playing the piano in the school music room after dark? Several students and Deputy Barney set out to solve this musical mystery with surprising results. Featuring six songs with clever texts s..
        Author: Janet Gardner Item Number: 038081399799
        School Daze, UPDATED Version - Scenes and Songs from a Rockin' School Day for Unison and 2-Part VoicesThis all-time favorite musical has been updated with a new song about "Cyberspace" and even more kid-friendly School Daze scenes. So take a new look at this rockin' 35-minute musical, as everyday sc..
        Author: Jill and Michael Gallina Item Number: 9781423498919
        By Jill Gallina & Michael Gallina Grades: K-2 Running Time: 15 minutes About: This imaginative reproducible unison mini-musical has Snoozy Snowflake reluctant to fall in line with the tasks of the other snowflakes which holds up the first snowfall of winter!  Through..
        Item Number: HL 09971580
        Grades: K-4 Running Time: 30 minutes About: Spiders! Snakes! Bats! Worms! EWWW!! AHHH!! Join the wiggles and squiggles as the Itsy Bitsy Spider, Daddy Long Legs, Hook Worm, Snake, and a host of other critters take over the stage. But wait! No need to scream . . . just listen car..
        Item Number: EKITSWAM
        Grades: K-4 Running Time: 25 minutes About: The swamp is all a-buzz with party preparations galore! Naturally, the turtles are running late, and Bully the Frog is being a bully. The frogs have learned a new dance they want to share. The tadpoles are growing appendages (yikes!) a..
        Item Number: 9781423476498H
        Grades: K-3Time: 25 MinutesAbout The Show: Once upon a time there lived a bear with many friends, but he was restless. Surely there is more to life than eating honey and berries, and sleeping the winter away! It's time to expand my horizons, he thought. So one day, Da Bear declares “this is the..
        Item Number: HL 35009855
        Grades: 4-8 Running Time: 30 minutes About: In The Hundred-Year Snooze, there lives a princess who possesses gifts bestowed upon her by the kingdom's Seven Graces: beauty, wit and charm, grace and elegance, song, dance and good math skills! However, her parents, who are the king and ..
        Item Number: 073999702934
        By Mary Donnelly, George L.O. Strid Grades: 4-12Running Time: 60+ minutesAbout: Discover the magic and wonder of wishes come true in this fairytale favorite when Cinderella meets her Prince Charming! This enchanting story is retold in a way that is particularly appealing to ..
        The Shiniest Star
        eKit Coming Soon
        Item Number: 9781859096567
        Get ready to shine and sing with delight as "The Shiniest Star" brings the magic of the Nativity story to life in this heartwarming musical! This enchanting production, ideal for 4-7-year-olds, is designed to captivate young hearts and inspire budding stars. Created by seasoned music theatre profess..
        Author: Twisted Plays Item Number: THREE
        Good things come in THREE ... bears, little pigs, blind mice, billy goats gruff and more.  But, when Baby Bear goes missing it's down to two! Don't worry some hilarious threesomes comes to the rescue! Grades: K-4Run time: 20 minuteseKit Includes: Teacher's Guide, Student Pages, Vocal and A..
        Item Number: 9781480364547
        You! You! And Me! It adds up to THREE ... bears, little pigs, blind mice, billy goats gruff, musketeers and men in a tub. But wait ... Baby Bear is missing and now it's down to two! Help arrives when a castload of hilarious threesomes comes to the rescue! Follow the clues and discover how important ..
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