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15 Minute Plays

15 Minute Plays

Our new collection, 15 Minute Plays, is just that - plays that only take about 15 minutes to perform.  They are great for classrooms, festivals, showcases or perform several of them as a full show.

The plays are written on a 3rd/4th grade reading level, but are great for teens and adults as well.


  • Scripts: $5-$10 each
  • Licensing: $5-$15 per performance*
  • Series Licensing (up to 4 titles at once): $35 per performance

*Licensing is FREE for classroom performances where there is NO CHARGE for admission and the audience is under 50 persons.

Titles in Development:

  • Snow Queen

Item Number: 978-1-56608-211-2
You won’t find a better quality or larger collection of ten-minute plays anywhere!  And the best part?  They’re all royalty-free!  These original and creative plays by best-selling scene writer Laurie Allen are already getting attention, winning spots in one-act play festivals across ..
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: 1026
Everyone loves the 4th of July and the kids in Apple Pie, Pennsylvania discover the reason why their town celebrates the 4th with a huge parade every year. Filled with FUN facts about the founding of our country this short play will have you rolling in your seat with some quick humor!This show is FR..
Author: Twisted Plays Item Number: CORE-CC
This version of Dickens's famous story about Ebenezer Scrooge comes with a twist: It's Eleanora Scrooge who wakes on Christmas Eve and encounters the ghost of her long-dead business partner, Gladys Marley. It's ''A Christmas Carol" with a female lead-an opportunity for an engaging compare-and-contra..
Author: Twisted Plays Item Number: CORE-ASOAB
Martin Luther King, Jr., and other leaders in the early days of the civil rights movement reminisce about the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama. Author : Twisted PlaysRoyalty : $5 Per Performance*Genre : HistoricalRunning Time (min) : ~10Total Cast : 5Year Written :&nb..
Item Number: 978-0-916260-68-2
Do you want to make Christmas more meaningful — and fun! — for performer and audience alike?  Try this diverse collection of 27 Christmas plays and readings suitable for classroom, chancel, or youth group presentations.  With selections for elementary grades, middle grades, teens, and adul..
Author: Twisted Plays Item Number: CORE-WASH
One winter evening in 1796, George Washington noted in his diary that he and Martha had dined alone together for the first time in twenty years. This play is a depiction of that dinner, during which they look back on the events that shaped their lives and the country.  Author : Twisted Pla..
Author: Allyssa Hynes Item Number: FTAW
When Grandma Snickerdoodle picks up her fairy tale book to read a story to her grandchildren, she learns that a drink was spilled on it and the pages are sticking together - making the tales combined in her reading!Author : Allyssa HynesRoyalty : $15 Per PerformanceGenre : Fairy Tale&..
Item Number: 978-1-56608-192-4
These royalty-free scenes are laugh-out-loud funny and clever, to boot!  Based on familiar nursery rhyme characters, Ewen put a comedic spin on their situations.  For instance, ESPN newscasters are interviewing Jack out at the track where he does his training for candlestick jumping. ..
Item Number: 978-1-56608-037-8
For big laughs, comedy relies on exaggeration, incongruity, automatism, character inconsistency, surprise, and derision.  Finally, here’s a book that defines and demonstrates each of these devices with twenty-two short sketches and one-act plays.  This unique overview of high and low comed..
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: 15MIN-GOLD
The classic story of a little girl who finds herself eating, drinking and sleeping in the wrong place. Author : Joe FerrieroRoyalty : $5 Per Performance*Genre : Fairy Tale Running Time (min) : ~15Total Cast : 6 Year Written : 2020Time Period : Contempo..
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: ITTAKSN
When a group of neighborhood kids discover a new kid who doesn't know their name and appears in a snowbank they search for answers turning to a local newsreporter for help.This show is NOT holiday themed.Running Time: 15-20 MinutesRoyalty: $5 per performanceCast Notes:Nieve (ne AY vay) – formerly a ..
Author: Twisted Plays Item Number: CORE-IH
A present-day Jewish family celebrates Hanukkah and discusses  how the history, symbols, and traditions are meaningful in their lives. Author : Twisted PlaysRoyalty : $5 Per Performance*Genre : HolidayRunning Time (min) : ~10Total Cast : 7+Year Written : 2021T..
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