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Kids Plays

Kids Plays

Our kids plays are intended for performance by kids up to age 9, however all plays can be performed by any age level including adults.

These plays are usually less than one hour in length. 

License Types:

  • Photocopy License - you can print as many scripts as you'd like [$20.00]
  • Video License - you can video your production and provide DVDs or private download to your cast/crew [$25.00]
  • Live Streaming License - you can live stream your production [$35.00]
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: 1026
Everyone loves the 4th of July and the kids in Apple Pie, Pennsylvania discover the reason why their town celebrates the 4th with a huge parade every year. As they wait for the parade to start, they engage in small talk and share stories about their town's traditions.  Filled with FUN facts abo..
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: 1007
A KIDS CHRISTMAS CAROLThis retelling of the Charles Dickens classic features all of the moments that you expect, but there’s no death, no spirits, just kid fun. Ebby Scrooge hasn’t been behaving in school. No one wants to sit by Ebby at lunch and Ebby won’t let anyone borrow anything! Join Jacob, Eb..
Duck, Duck, Goose!
New In Development
Item Number: DDGPL
Join Pip and Penny, two curious ducklings, as they encounter a mysterious visitor claiming to be a "Cloud Duck." Quackers, with his flamboyant personality and unbelievable stories, quickly captivates the young ducklings. However, Penny remains cautious, sensing something amiss.Follow the adventure a..
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: ITTAKSN
When a group of neighborhood kids discover a new kid who doesn't know their name and appears in a snowbank they search for answers turning to a local newsreporter for help."It Takes One to Snow One" follows a group of friends as they enjoy a snow day together. As they wait for news on whether or not..
Item Number: JaJPLAY
You know the story ... they tumble, they spill the pail of water ... but did you know, it wasn't their fault?  Join Jack and Jill on their adventure to get some water for their Mother.Run Time: 10 minutesCast: JACKJILLMOTHERFAIRYELVES (at least 3)This play is royalty free for schools and n..
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: 1002
JAMIE AND THE GIANT CANTALOUPEJamie and the Giant Cantaloupe is the story of Jamie who is sent to live with her, not so nice, Aunt and Uncle and discovers a world of wonderful things! Throw in some magic and Jamie finds some new friends in some familiar bugs, oh and an extremely large cantaloupeAuth..
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: 1033
LOST AND FOUND: LITTLE BO PEEP MEETS MARY AND HER LAMB Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and she can’t find them, meanwhile Mary can’t get her little lamb to stop following her! Each young lady has a problem that maybe the other can help with! This hysterical play features talking sheep and man..
Snow White and the 7 Dogs
In Development
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: SW7D
Snow White loves dogs … so much so that she wants to move out of the castle and live in a dog house! This makes her royal dogcatcher very unhappy. He decides to put a spell on the dog treats to make the dogs fall asleep so he can get them out of the kingdom. What happens when Snow White decides to t..
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: 1012
The story follows a stranger who visits the village seeking food. Unfortunately, the villagers are all poor and have nothing to share. The stranger decides to make "stone soup" and requests a pot of water and fire to heat it up. One by one, the villagers offer to help by contributing ingredients suc..
Author: Laura Hall Item Number: CATSOUT
The Cat's OutThe play begins with Poppy, a hardworking squirrel, collecting leaves for her winter nest. Her leaf collecting gets interrupted by the news that Tank, a very mean cat, is back in the neighborhood and looking to cause trouble. His first order of business is to eat Ivy, a rich self-involv..
Author: Jon Allen Russo Item Number: 1001
THE GATOR OF GLEN RIDGE Peace and harmony in the Borough of Glen Ridge turns to chaos when a pet alligator named Willie slips his leash and runs free throughout the town. We follow two neighbors, Mrs. Snowden and Mrs. Marsden who want to subdue the reptile and seek help from the haughty Mrs. Up..
Item Number: GKC
Introducing "The Great Kangaroo Caper" – a delightful and uproarious theatrical adventure that's bound to have you hopping with laughter! This heartwarming play takes you to the kangaroo exhibit at the city zoo, where a cast of lovable and mischievous kangaroos embarks on a wild escapade filled with..
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