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Children's Story Books

Children's Story Books
Item Number: 9781843285427
Billy Briggs, Big on SkatesBy Ann Bryant Book & CDThis storybook for elementary school children introduces students to important musical works through an imaginative adventure story. Teachers can either read the story while playing the CD to help evoke the soundscapes of the music. Alternat..
Item Number: 9780593465066
Call Us What We CarryPoemsAuthor:  Amanda GormanThe breakout poetry collection by #1 New York Times bestselling author and presidential inaugural poet Amanda GormanFormerly titled The Hill We Climb and Other Poems, the luminous poetry collection by #1 New York Times bestselling author and presi..
Item Number: 9781470626358
Color Me Mozart! Biographies, Recordings, and Coloring Pages for 25 Great Composers By Anna Wentlent, Charles Grace, and Mitch Wyatt 100% Reproducible Book & Enhanced CD What a fabulous and fun way to learn about the great composers! This 100% reproducible book includes a coloring page..
Item Number: 9781574243406
Author: Harry Musselwhite Editor: Brian Barr Martin the Guitar has been purchased by the famous folk singer Robert, and is now on the road performing for audiences everywhere. Martin loves to make music with his new friends, Tthe Harmonica Family, and is in Florida performing with them at ..
Item Number: 9781495018626
Making sure students are completely proficient with sight words is an essential goal in developing their reading skills. SIGHT WORD SOUP is a creative recipe of music, movement and interactive technology to reinforce essential sight words for beginning readers. Eight entertaining songs present a ser..
Item Number: 9781470616984
Sound Stories Round the Year Folk Tales, Fables, and Poems for the Music Classroom By Karen Farnum Surmani and Anna Wentlent It’s storybook time in music class! This useful collection adds instrument playing and sound exploration to well-known literature. The 16 sound stories have been thoughtf..
Item Number: 9781574243444
The Amazing Incredible Shrinking DrumsPublisher: Centerstream Publications Author: Thornton Cline Matt receives a nice drum set from his parents and starts lessons with Mr. Thompson. He discovers he is talented, and brags to his friends on how good he is on drums – so much that no one want..
Item Number: 9781574243291
The Amazing Incredible Shrinking GuitarPublisher: Centerstream Publications Author: Thornton Cline Young Carla's mom discovers grandpa's beautiful old guitar tucked away in a closet while cleaning. Carla falls in love with it and wants to play, but her mom and dad tell her the guitar is wa..
Item Number: 9781574243185
The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Piano Softcover with CD Author: Thornton Cline Lily is given a piano from her grandmother for her birthday. Lily continues to slam her hands against the keys with anger when she makes mistakes. One night she is visited by her grandmother in a dream who warns L..
Item Number: 9781574243611
The Amazing Incredible Shrinking SaxophonePublisher: Centerstream Publications Author: Thornton Cline Dylan joins the band at school to play saxophone. But all Dylan wants to do is play jazz. His teachers demand he play the easy songs first. Dylan listens to a virtuoso saxophone player per..
Item Number: 9781574243567
The Amazing Incredible Shrinking TrumpetPublisher: Centerstream Publications Author: Thornton Cline Kylie is a quiet girl who signs up for trumpet in band. Her friends and band teacher tell her she is talented. But Kylie doesn't believe in herself. One night, while watching TV, her eyes ca..
Item Number: 9781574243352
The Amazing Incredible Shrinking UkulelePublisher: Centerstream Publications Author: Thornton Cline Trevor receives a nice ukulele from his mom and dad. They sign him up for lessons with Mr. Parker. Trevor thinks he is too cool to play the ukulele. He would rather be playing the electric guitar..
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