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Item Number: 978-1-56608-106-1
A comprehensive workbook of theatre games. There are more than a hundred performance-tested theatre games in this unusually comprehensive collection. They were compiled after more than fifteen years of workshops and study sessions. Included are a wide range of proven activities to assist in teaching..
Item Number: 978-1-56608-164-1
When students arrive for a theatre class, they appreciate a game or exercise that will loosen them up and activate their right brain — the artistic side.  A good warm-up gives class members the opportunity to tune in to their creative natures and readies them for the adventures ahead.  The..
Item Number: 978-1-56608-177-1
Teachers and directors just can’t get enough of Laurie Allen’s sketches for teens, ideal for classroom practice or contest use.  This new collection of plays and scenes for teens offers more real-life situations for student actors to perform, portraying characters like themselves and their frie..
Item Number: 978-1-56608-116-0
If you’re looking for monologs that are witty, hysterical, and completely fresh and different, then look no further!  You will recognize the fantasy characters in this collection of monologs even though the names have been changed to fit the style of a parody presentation.  The monologs ar..
Item Number: 978-0-7893-3680-4
Hamilton: Portraits of the RevolutionPhotographs from "The Room Where it Happened"Written by Josh LehrerForeword by Lin-Manuel MirandaIntroduction by Thomas KailThe photographer Josh Lehrer's up-close-and-personal document of the evolution, and revolution, that is Hamilton: An American Musical.Only ..
Item Number: HL 35010427
IceBreakers Publisher: Shawnee Press music activities & puzzles Author: Valerie Lippoldt Mack   For any choir, team, or class to work together in a positive manner, the members must be comfortable with each other. Long-time educator Valerie Lippoldt Mack gives us some of her favorite..
Item Number: HL 35010428
IceBreakers 2 64 MORE Games and Fun Activities Publisher: Shawnee Press music activities & puzzles Author: Valerie Lippoldt Mack   IceBreakers 2 includes 64 more games and activities, as well as numerous variations, designed to build teamwork skills, energize the classroom, and focu..
Item Number: 1974174859
Monologues They'll Remember You By: 80 Unique and Compelling Monologues That Leave a Lasting ImpressionFinding the right monologue can often be a frustrating task. Too frequently, monologue books rely on time-worn staples that have been heard a million times before, or are padded out with aimless, i..
Sixty Comedy Duet Scenes for Teens
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Author: Laurie Allen Item Number: 9781566081528
Perfect for classroom practice or for an evening of entertainment, middle school and high school teens will easily recognize themselves in these believable — and funny — school situations such as dating, appearances, egos, fads, crushes, breaking rules, embarrassing moments, and more. The characters..
Item Number: 9781622772285
The iTheatrics MethodThe Quintessential Guide to Creating Quality Musical Theatre ProgramsAuthors: Timothy Allen McDonald, Cynthia Ripley, Marty Johnson The iTheatrics Method is the world's first musical theatre education textbook specifically devoted to building high-quality, sustainable music..
There Are Kids Are On The Stage.  Now What?
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: BOOK
There Are Kids Are On The Stage.  Now What?by Joe FerrieroIn his new book, Joe Ferriero, explores what it takes to start a theatre program with children.  Directors old and new will find refreshing resources, tips, and a plan to put together the perfect program.  The book is also a gr..
Author: Laurie Allen Item Number: 9781566081436
Teens love to act crazy, push boundaries, take chances, and explore opportunities, so why not channel their energy and excitement onto the stage? These 30 short plays, ranging in length from three to seven minutes, give actors the opportunity to create outrageous characters in the context of situati..
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