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Choir Musicals

Choir Musicals

Raise your voices and step into the spotlight!

Welcome to Choir Musicals, where the curtains rise on stories told in glorious harmony. Forget solo spotlights, these shows are bathed in the warm glow of collective voices, where teamwork takes center stage.

Imagine the thrill of a Broadway spectacle, infused with the power and beauty of a grand choir. We've taken your favorite pop hits and reimagined them for soaring choruses, heart-wrenching ballads, and foot-stomping finales. Every show bursts with the same drama, intrigue, and humor as the best on the Great White Way, except the music isn't just heard, it's sung together.

Choir Musicals are your backstage pass to a world where:

  • Large groups and ensembles shine: No one gets left in the wings! These shows are tailor-made for choirs, giving every member a chance to contribute their unique voice to the tapestry of sound.
  • Popular songs get a choral makeover: Hold onto your sheet music, familiar tunes are transformed into breathtaking arrangements that will showcase your choir's talents and leave audiences on their feet.
  • Solos take flight: While the emphasis is on group singing, we haven't forgotten the magic of a solo moment. Each show features beautifully crafted individual pieces that let your star performers truly shine.

So, dust off your harmonies, warm up your vocal chords, and get ready to be swept away by the magic of Choir Musicals. This is theater where everyone gets to be the lead, where every voice matters, and where the applause rings out for the power of music, shared.

Dive into our collection and discover the show that will unleash your choir's full potential. The spotlight awaits!

Licensing Note: All kits are $75 and include downloads of the script and music. A music fee of $170 is added to each kit for the licensing of the music. This includes 5 choir copies of each song featured in the show (additional 5 packs can be purchased separatlety). The price of the kit includes licensing rights for 2 public performances of the show (additional performances can be licenced at $75 each). These shows are available to school groups or theatrical educational programs only (i.e. community theatre education programs) and may NOT be performed by professional theatres or adult theatres. All actors in the productions must be ages 10-18 - college students are permitted to be in the productions extending the age to 25.  Featured adults (above at 25) may apear in the productions with special permission of Twisted Plays only. Read FULL Policy online - click here.

Ladies Night - A Musical
Coming Soon
Item Number: LADNI
What happens when you get several famous ladies in a room for one night?  They tell you their story. Featuring ....Bette DavisJackie Kennedy OnassisMarilyn MonroeElizabeth TaylorAudrey HepburnJudy Garland[Other ladies are optional]..
Love Beyond Appearance
Coming Soon
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: PL_EP
Love has the highest praise and the story of Eros and Psyche is the epitome of all love stories.  Psyche, the CEO of a successful cosmetic company, is getting ready for a big product launch. She's excited about the launch but nervous about the competition from a rival cosmetic company, whose CE..
Snow White: A New Musical
Coming Soon
Item Number: SWNM
A Tale Retold: Experience Snow White Like Never BeforeForget poisoned apples and damsels in distress, this Snow White isn't your grandma's fairytale. Buckle up for a modern musical twist where the fairest of them all is anything but fragile.In this reimagined Snow White, forget poisoned apples and d..
Those 3 Words: A Musical Journey of Love and Loss
New In Development
Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: TH3WRDS
"Those 3 Words" is a poignant and uplifting musical that follows the life of Giuseppe, a middle-aged man navigating the complexities of love and loss. The story unfolds through a tapestry of his most cherished relationships: the unwavering love of his parents, the fierce bond with his siblings, the ..
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