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Full Percussion Collection

Full Percussion Collection
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Item Number: 884088690410
10″ Hardwood ClavesSeries: TycoonPublisher: Tycoon Percussion The TVW-10 Hardwood Claves are traditionally shaped and manufactured from exotic Asian Hardwood. Both the striker and the clave are 10″ long and produce a clean clave sound when struck together...
Item Number: 888680091804
6″ Traditional Rope-Tuned African DjembeManufacturer: IQ Plus Music The djembe is one of West Africa's best known instruments. Traditionally, the various rhythms played on a djembe are only played at a certain time for a specific reason. For instance, djembe drumming could accompany the passage..
Item Number: 888680004088
These chimes are crafted from tempered aluminum allow, producing bright sounds and excellent tonal diversity. Designed to fit any musical setting, these chimes are an excellent addition to any musician's set up...
Item Number: 884088860110
8″ Siam Oak ClavesSeries: TycoonPublisher: Tycoon Percussion The TVWO-8 Siam Oak Claves are traditionally shaped and manufactured from Siam Oak. Both the striker and the clave are 8″ long and produce a clean clave sound when struck together...
Item Number: 888680002572
Agogo Bell – 3 Sizes Available - Small: 4", Medium: 5.25", Large: 6.75"Series: TycoonPublisher: Tycoon Percussion The TGO-M Medium Agogo Bell features a combination of high and low pitched bells. Manufactured from high quality steel with black powder coating, these bells are great for all latin..
Item Number: 611534015998
32-Note Aluminum Bell Percussion KitManufacturer: Percussion Plus 32-note aluminum bells with F-C range in a padded black nylon backpack/carying bag. Complete with 8-inch tunable pad, pad/bell stand, mallets, stick, and music rack...
Item Number: 611534016001
Backpack SnareModel PSK300Manufacturer: Percussion Plus Double braced stand. Includes practice pad, stickets, drum key, and backpack carry bag...
Item Number: 888680001476
Tycoon Percussion Made from durable plastic shells, these maracas feature hand-strung beads in an adjustable nylon web, allowing for playing both loud, full rattling sounds or softer sounds with added control. The handles are made from environmentally-friendly Siam oak wood. Sold in matching pa..
Item Number: 888680002930
Width: 6.25"Length: 21.0"..
Item Number: 888680002923
2 SIZESConstructed with a steel frame and bells made from brass, the bell tree creates a glissando effect. LARGE: Sized 3″ x 14″.SMALL: Sized 2.5″ x 10″...
Item Number: 9781495056086
BUCKET BLASTPlay-Along Activities for Bucket Drums and Classroom PercussionBook with Audio OnlineAuthor: Tom AndersonGet funky as you jam along on buckets and optional percussion to these sweet songs! Everything is provided from helpful warm-ups to authentic rhythm sections, grooves and specific pla..
Item Number: 888680002299
Crafted from environmentally-friendly Siam oak wood, this versatile instrument is excellent for live playing. Great for sound effects and unique sounds, this castanet is a welcome addition to any musician's set-up...
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