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Full Percussion Collection

Full Percussion Collection
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Item Number: 884088690397
Chrome Plated Aluminum Shaker is a great sound effect for use in all musical styles. Crafted from aluminum, this shaker is lightweight and provides a crisp shaking sound used to help musicians keep time...
Item Number: 888680049881
Designed for the concert percussionist, these triangles are constructed of premium quality steel and offer a wide range of overtones on strike zones. Matching steel striker included. Available in 4″, 6″, 8″ and 10″ sizes...
Item Number: 884088690281
MULTIPLE SIZES AVAILABLE  The Black Powder Coated Cowbell is constructed of premium quality steel with a black powder coated finish. Each bell comes standard with a mounting bracket that mounts easily on any cowbell holder...
Item Number: 888680002817
Wooden Hand-Held Cowbell BeaterSeries: TycoonPublisher: Tycoon Percussion This beater creates a clear tone when used with a hand held cowbell...
Item Number: 888680003876
29cmSeries: TycoonPublisher: Tycoon Percussion Features include:• Body constructed of environmentally-friendly Siam oak• Exotic Asian hardwood and Siam oak front plates deliver superb tonal qualities• Hand-carved markings and wooden slats lined across the sides for a distinct look and..
Item Number: 00-BMR08009
D.R.U.M.: Discipline, Respect, and Unity Through Music Elementary / Middle School Percussion EnsemblesBy Jim SolomonKids love drums! The sight, sound, power, and feel are tremendous motivators for many students. D.R.U.M. is an acronym for Discipline, Respect and Unity Through Music. The origina..
Item Number: 888680003326
Manufacturer: Tycoon Percussion A perfect balance of size, weight, and powerful sound, this djembe is a real “firecracker.” The body is 24-1/2″ tall, constructed of hand-selected environmentally-friendly Siam oak wood, with a diameter premium natural goat skin head (choose diameter size on righ..
Item Number: 888680003678
Dancing Drum Djembe BagChoose Djembe Size on right.Manufacturer: Tycoon Percussion Constructed of durable nylon with extra padded protection, this bag has adjustable shoulder straps and a handle for easy transportation...
Item Number: 888680003609
Standard Djun Djun SticksSeries: TycoonPublisher: Tycoon Percussion Perfect for the Dancing Drum series djun djun or any standard djun djun...
Item Number: 884088610142
Egg Shakers (Plastic Pair)Series: TycoonPublisher: Tycoon Percussion The TE Series Egg Shakers are plastic eggs that are used in virtually every playing situation imaginable. Every musician in the band can play egg shakers. Sold in sets of two, egg shakers are available in green, pink, yellow, ..
Item Number: 888680069681
Fiberglass Djembe – Rope TunedMarble FinishSeries: TycoonManufacturer: Tycoon Percussion • Deep, loud bass tones and high, sharp slap tones• Hand-brushed fiberglass shells to ensure strict quality standards, and to release zero emissions in the environment• Lightweight shell is pefect for hours..
Item Number: 888680002961
Finger cymbals produce a high-pitched ring, audible over an ensemble. Constructed of high quality brass, they measure 2″ in diameter. Straps are included...
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