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Jill and Michael Gallina

Author: Jill and Michael Gallina Item Number: HL 35001684
Composers: Jill Gallina, Michael Gallina Grades: K-4 Running Time: 20 minutes About: In A Barnyard Moosical, a hilarious and imaginative mini-musical, we meet a unique and talented group of animals living at this unusual farm. Between the gourmet goats that refuse to eat ga..
Author: Jill and Michael Gallina Item Number: 9781495056055
Movement and music provide an excellent instructional format for teaching a broad range of musical and developmental skills. This energetic collection of 10 engaging songs will help teach the emerging young musician and provide growth to all students in a wide range of areas existing across the enti..
Author: Jill and Michael Gallina Item Number: 10881955
Grades: K-4Running Time: 20 minutesAbout: Spring is just around the corner, but the flowers have yet to bloom. While the children are waiting for nice weather, the weeds have popped out of the earth, but the flowers remain steadfastly hidden underground. It takes the clever Dandelion ..
Author: Jill and Michael Gallina Item Number: 9781592351053
Grades: 2-8 Running Time: 55 minutes About: Aesop's unforgettable fables stimulate our imaginations and dramatize the many lessons and values that we can learn from stories and tales. Michael and Jill Gallina have captured five of these fables in creative musical settings and cr..
Author: Jill and Michael Gallina Item Number: HL 35028289
Grades: K-4 Running Time: 30 minutes About: Have a rip-roaring time teaching your kids about some amazing prehistoric creatures! Sing and play your way through the early history of life on earth and discover science in a way you never thought could be this fun! Dino Soaring! is ..
Author: Jill and Michael Gallina Item Number: 9781592352487
Grades: K-5 Running Time: 20 minutes About: In this mini-musical, Elfis decides the elves always work too hard during the holiday season and never see how other cultures celebrate. After talking Santa into letting him borrow the sleigh, Elfis takes the elves on a whirlwind tour...
Author: Jill and Michael Gallina Item Number: 9781495074080
Feelin' GoodA Musical Revue for Young VoicesBY: Jill GallinaGRADES: 1-3ABOUT: New edition of this popular musical from Jill Gallina! Feelin' Good is a creative musical experience that will encourage children to take good care of their minds and bodies, and help them develop a positive..
Author: Jill and Michael Gallina Item Number: 9781592352586
Guess Who's Coming to Bethlehem? Composers: Jill Gallina, Michael Gallina Grades: K-3 Running Time: 15 minutes About: Perfect for smaller and/or younger children's choirs, Guess Who's Coming to Bethlehem? is a heartfelt, fun and moving Christmas musical. The animals i..
Author: Jill and Michael Gallina Item Number: 9781476805184
By Jill Gallina & Michael Gallina Grades: 4-8 Running Time: 35 minutes About: It's a snow day! Samantha tweets her friends with an invitation to hang out. The friends bury themselves, not in the snow, but in their individual electronic devices. Although resistant t..
Author: Jill and Michael Gallina Item Number: 9781480367616
Grades: 3-5 Running Time: 20 minutes About: One way the holiday season is ushered in is with decorated department store windows, and children look in at the festive scenes as color and magic abound within them! In this new reproducible musical by Michael and Jill Gallina, n..
Author: Jill and Michael Gallina Item Number: 9781480367586
Grades: 2-5 Running Time: 20 minutes About: The emphasis in this musical is on being a good sport. A number of elements that contribute to athletic success are also included. Helpful suggestions are incorporated into the rhyming script and the lyrics of each song. With good spor..
Author: Jill and Michael Gallina Item Number: 9781495061783
Grades: 3-8Running Time: 35 minutesAbout: Johnny Appleseed, one of American folklore's most colorful characters, comes to life in this lively, six song mini-musical. Johnny's extraordinary life and love for all living things is told as a modern day Grandpa reads a bedtime story to his..
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