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Roger Emerson

Bunny Ears [eKit]
15 Minutes eKit
Author: Roger Emerson Item Number: 15MINBUN
The play with the song “Runnin’ Bunnies." All of the bunnies enter the classroom displaying their “bunny skills."  Professor Rabbit then sits them down and begins to tell them about an exciting field trip to see Rock star “Michael Jackrabbit”.  Unfortunately, only about half of the bunnies..
Lightfingers [eKit]
15 Minutes eKit
Author: Roger Emerson Item Number: 15MINLIG
Things have been disappearing around Mr. Jennings’ classroom.  At first, it was just an occasional pencil, but now milk money and lunches have been taken from students’ desks.  Who is to blame? After some simple detective work, it appears that Larry, a quiet and shy boy, who doesn’t make f..
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