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Hamlet Jones: A High School Tragedy

Hamlet Jones: A High School Tragedy

"Hamlet Jones: A High School Tragedy" is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare's classic "Hamlet," tailored specifically for high school students. Set in a contemporary high school, the play explores themes of teenage angst, peer pressure, social media, and the complexities of young love.

About The Show: Experience Shakespeare's timeless tale of love, betrayal, and revenge like never before in "Hamlet Jones: A High School Tragedy." This modern adaptation brings the classic story of "Hamlet" into the halls of a contemporary high school, where teenage emotions run high, friendships are tested, and the power of social media takes center stage.

In this riveting production, audiences will witness the gripping journey of Hamlet Jones, a brooding and introspective teenager who returns from abroad to find his world turned upside down. His mother, Gertrude, has hastily married his uncle, Claudius, the school's principal. Suspicion and intrigue swirl as Hamlet's best friend, Horatio, becomes his confidant in uncovering the truth.

As Hamlet Jones becomes consumed by the quest to unveil the secrets surrounding his father's untimely death, audiences will be drawn into a world of digital deception, emotional turmoil, and contemporary complexities. "Hamlet Jones: A High School Tragedy" explores the consequences of obsession, revenge, and the relentless pursuit of justice in the age of technology.

Themes of peer pressure, societal expectations, and the blurred lines between reality and virtuality resonate deeply with today's youth, making this adaptation a compelling and relevant choice for high school theater productions. With modern settings, contemporary dialogue, and the integration of smartphones, laptops, and social media platforms, this play offers a unique and thought-provoking theatrical experience that will captivate both performers and audiences alike.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness "Hamlet Jones: A High School Tragedy" – a fresh and engaging take on a literary classic that sheds light on the challenges and complexities faced by today's high school students, all while paying homage to the enduring brilliance of Shakespeare's storytelling.

Author: Joe Ferriero

Royalty: $35 Per Performance

Genre: Tragedy, Drama

Running Time (min): 90

Total Cast: The total cast members for "Hamlet Jones: A High School Tragedy" can vary depending on your production's specific needs and the roles you choose to include. However, as a rough estimate based on the cast list, you might have approximately 20 to 30 cast members, including both lead and ensemble roles. The author grants permission to schools to adapt the cast size to fit the resources and talent available for your high school production. Click OTHER INFO for more information.

Year Written: 2024

Time Period: Contemporary

eKit comes with: Script (PDF), Director Guide*, and Logo Set

*Director Guide comes with staging, costuming, set and cutting recomendations. Schools are granted permission to cut the play as they see fit for competitions or to create a one-act.

For productions beginning April 1, 2024

Cast List

Main Characters:

  • Hamlet Jones (Male, Age 17-18): The brooding and introspective protagonist. A high school senior returning from abroad.
  • Ophelia (Female, Age 17-18): A popular girl at school and Hamlet Jones's love interest. Spirited and intelligent.
  • Claudius (Male, Age 40-50): The school principal and Hamlet's uncle. Charismatic and cunning.
  • Gertrude (Female, Age 40-50): Hamlet's mother and Claudius's new wife. Social and adaptable.
  • Horatio (Male, Age 17-18): Hamlet's loyal best friend. Reliable and grounded.
  • Polonius (Male, Age 40-50): The school counselor. Nosy and concerned for Ophelia's well-being.

Supporting Characters:

  • Rosencrantz (Male, Age 17-18): A friend of Hamlet Jones. Two-faced and eager to please.
  • Guildenstern (Female, Age 17-18): Another friend of Hamlet Jones. Manipulative and cunning.

Ensemble/Chorus (Students and Faculty):

  • Students (Various Genders, Ages 17-18): Additional high school students, including prom attendees, background characters, and social media personas.
  • Faculty Members (Various Genders, Ages 30-60): Teachers, administrators, and staff at the school.
  • Social Media Voices (Various Genders, Ages 17-18): Students' online personas, providing voiceovers for anonymous messages and online interactions.
Show Basics
Running Time 1 hour 30 minutes
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