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Love Beyond Appearance

Love Beyond Appearance
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Love Beyond Appearance

Love has the highest praise and the story of Eros and Psyche is the epitome of all love stories.  Psyche, the CEO of a successful cosmetic company, is getting ready for a big product launch. She's excited about the launch but nervous about the competition from a rival cosmetic company, whose CEO Apollo has been trying to woo her for months. As she's getting ready, Cupid, a popular social media influencer, walks in unannounced. He's there to promote Psyche's new product, but he's also there to cause trouble. Cupid and Psyche hit it off immediately, but Psyche is suspicious of his motives. She's heard rumors that Cupid is a player and doesn't want to get involved with him. Cupid is intrigued by Psyche's beauty and intelligence and decides to stick around and try to win her over.

As Psyche and Cupid's relationship deepens, Venus, Cupid's jealous mother, begins to interfere. She's angry that Cupid has fallen for a modern woman, and she wants to break them apart. She teams with Apollo, Psyche's rival CEO, to try and put her out of business.

Psyche and Cupid embark on a series of trials, which test their love and devotion to each other. They face obstacles such as jealousy, insecurity, and temptation, but they remain committed to each other. Finally, they reach the final trial, where Psyche must prove her love for Cupid by accepting him for who he is, not just for his appearance.

Cast List

  • Psyche, a beautiful and kind-hearted woman who runs a successful cosmetic company
  • Cupid, a handsome and mischievous young man who works as a social media influencer
  • Venus, the jealous and vindictive mother of Cupid
  • Apollo, the CEO of a rival cosmetic company who is in love with Psyche
  • Hermes, the messenger of the gods and Apollo’s assistant
  • Aphrodite, a successful fragrance CEO
  • Other Players:
    • Tom, an audience member
    • Reporters, at least 3
    • “Glow Up” Dancers and singers, including a soloist

Running Time

  • The full music runs 120 minutes with an adapted 60-minute and 30-minute script options coming.

Show Kit

  • Accompaniment tracks and Piano Score are available.
  • PDF Scripts
  • Director Guide

Play Option

  • An option for a play version of the show "Psyche and Cupid" will also be available.
  • Stock: Coming Soon
  • Item Number: PL_EP

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