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Improvised Fairytales: Beauty and the Beast

Improvised Fairytales: Beauty and the Beast

This show is royalty-free for schools. This means you do not need to pay an additional royalty fee for productions at schools. 

The rights to unlimited amateur performances of this show at one location are granted with the purchase of this script. For other amateur or professional performances, a royalty fee per performance must be remitted to Twisted Plays. Permission to reproduce copies of the play included in this text is granted to amateur groups with the purchase of this play. Royalty fees for this play range from $5-$10 per performance.
All rights, including professional, motion picture, radio broadcasting, television, video or sound taping, all other forms of mechanical or electronic reproductions or information storage and retrieval systems and photocopying, and the rights of translation into foreign languages, are strictly reserved by the publisher, Twisted Plays. Any Inquiries concerning these rights should be directed to the publisher.  

Improvised Fairytales: Beauty and the Beast

This play is an adaptation of the classic story Beauty and the Beast, with a twist. The story begins with the actors entering the stage and realizing there is an audience waiting for them. They decide to tell a familiar story, and eventually settle on Beauty and the Beast. They can't use the Disney characters, so they create their own using French names for the characters and object names for the enchanted objects.

The play tells the story of a spoiled prince who is cursed by a witch to be a furry monster until he learns his lesson. The curse also affects the prince's servants, turning them into enchanted objects. Many years later, the prince, now a beast, finds his change of heart.

Jolie, a reader of adventure books, is being pursued by Grossier, who plans to marry her. The play ends with the prince, now a man again, and Beauty getting married, and Jolie agreeing to give Grossier a chance.

This play is a humorous take on the classic story, with a mix of modern and traditional elements. The audience will be entertained by the cast's creative solutions to their lack of resources, and the unexpected twists and turns throughout the story.

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Cast List

The play uses 12 actors/students.  The will play the following roles:

  • Stage Manager (or director) of the play
  • Mr. Tock …. a clock and narrator
  • Miss Candle …. a candle and narrator
  • Old Woman … puts a spell on Beast
  • Beast … a prince who needs to learn a lesson
  • Jolie …. a girl who loves to read
  • Mother …. Jolie’s mom, just wants to buy some fruit
  • Grossier …. A bully-type who also needs to learn a lesson
  • Impy … Grossier’s buddy
  • Malo …. Grossier’s buddy
  • Mrs. Teapot …. a teapot, Cup’s mother
  • Cup …. a little teacup with a chip on his shoulder

An ensemble of additional stage managers and stage crew could fill out the play.

  • Western DuPage Special Recreation Associ, Carol Stream , Illinois
  • La Academia de Estrellas, Dallas, Texas 
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Running Time 15 Minutes
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