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Two-Character Scenes for Teens

Two-Character Scenes for Teens
Two-Character Scenes for Teens

These 7 scenes help young actors work on character development.  Each scene draws on the day-to-day life of teen situations. Each scene is written for 2 teenagers. All scenes are family-friendly and school appropriate.  These can be presented individually or as a full showcase. The scenes do not require any major set or prop pieces.

The Scenes:

  • The First Drive - two teenagers who are driving alone without an adult for the first time
  • The Audition - two teenagers are auditioning for the same part in the school play
  • The Homework - two teenagers are working on math homework
  • The Movie - two teenagers have different tastes in movies, but they are able to compromise and find a movie that they will both enjoy
  • The Party - two teenagers plan a surprise birthday party
  • The College - two teenagers talk about what college will be like
  • The Grandfather - two teenagers talk about the passing of a grandparent (this scene is emotional and has some alternate lines written into it for more dramatic character development)

Running Time: 2-3 minutes each, about 20 minutes as a full play

eKit Contains: PDF of Script with a link to make your own Google Doc Copy to edit as you wish.

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