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American History Time Travelers

American History Time Travelers
Show Features: CoreDramatics
American History Time Travelers

Grades: 4-8

Running Time: 30 minutes

About: American History Time Travelers tells the story of U.S. history from before European settlement through the present day through comedy and modern pop music! All the major events are covered and so are your fifth grade state standards, as well as common core! The show focuses on a history teacher and her uninterested students, as she takes them through time to bring the events of U.S. History to life.

Topics covered: European exploration and colonization of America, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Cold War (as well as others), the role of Native Americans and African-Americans and the impact of American history on their lives, the structure of our Constitutional republic, the Civil Rights era, as well as all the other major steps along the way to today.

eKit includes: PDF Script, Performance & Accompaniment Music

This musical correlates with national/state standards in both a core content area, such as Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, or Science, as well as a Performing Arts area, such as Music or Theater. The songs of the play can also be used as a fun, informative teaching tool, without staging an actual production.

In addition to state Social Studies / History standards, this play addresses Common Core standards, such as using evidence to support statements and inferences, and relating ideas to a theme.

Read the FULL Script Online - click here!

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