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Gold, What A Rush

Gold, What A Rush
Show Features: CoreDramatics
Gold, What A Rush

Grades: 2-6

Running Time: 30 minutes

About: Gold, What a Rush! tells the story of California's Gold Rush through comedy and country music! All the major players are here -- Sutter, Marshall, the merchants, miners, Argonauts, Native Americans, and Overland Travelers.

Topics covered: how gold was discovered, how it is mined, the effects of the Gold Rush on all the above-mentioned people as well as on the state of California

eKit includes: PDF Script, Performance & Accompaniment Music

This musical correlates with national/state standards in both a core content area, such as Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, or Science, as well as a Performing Arts area, such as Music or Theater. The songs of the play can also be used as a fun, informative teaching tool, without staging an actual production.

In addition to state Social Studies / History standards, this play addresses Common Core standards, such as using evidence to support statements and inferences, and relating ideas to a theme.

Read the FULL Script Online - click here!

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