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That Funky Food Chain

That Funky Food Chain
Show Features: CoreDramatics
That Funky Food Chain

Grades: 2-6

Running Time: 30 minutes

About: That Funky Food Chain is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for the students to become the consumers, producers, and decomposers that make life on earth possible. They'll show how plants get energy from the sun, plant-eaters from the plants, meat-eaters from the plant-eaters, and decomposers from the well, decaying remains of them all, right? In this groovy story, the meat-eaters (second-level consumers AKA carnivores) decide they're sick of their violent reputation, and decide to stop eating meat! How will that affect the others? Full of disco tunes that'll make everyone want to get up and boogie.

Topics covered: All energy comes from the sun, which allows plants/producers to create their own energy/sugar. Energy gets progressively passed through the food chain by first-level consumers/herbivores, followed by second-level consumers/carnivores. Finally, decomposers (insects, bacteria, and fungi) recycle the nutrients from the remains of those animals and their waste into the soil, beginning the process again.

eKit includes: PDF Script, Performance & Accompaniment Music

This musical correlates with national/state standards in both a core content area, such as Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, or Science, as well as a Performing Arts area, such as Music or Theater. The songs of the play can also be used as a fun, informative teaching tool, without staging an actual production.

In addition to state Social Studies / History standards, this play addresses Common Core standards, such as using evidence to support statements and inferences, and relating ideas to a theme.

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