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No Strings Attached [eKit]

No Strings Attached [eKit]
No Strings Attached [eKit]
No Strings Attached [eKit]
No Strings Attached [eKit]
No Strings Attached [eKit]

A Musical Adaptation of the Adventures of Pinocchio

By: Mary Donnelly, George L.O. Strid


Grades: 4-8

Running Time: 50 minutes

About: Watch the enchanting story of the old woodcarver Geppetto and his marionette son Pinocchio come to life in this musical adaptation of clever characters and lessons to be learned. Curiosity and temptation keep getting Pinocchio into trouble when he meets up with the Puppet Master, Sly Foxx, Klever Katt, String Bean, the Donkey Children, and the Terrible Shark. Discover how a talking cricket and a magical friend help Pinocchio learn the importance of obedience, respect and truth. This 50-minute musical features an expanded script and nine original songs - ideal for upper elementary and middle school performers who can handle a full-length musical production. The Teacher Edition includes piano/vocal arrangements, full script and helpful costume and staging suggestions. 

eKit Includes: Teachers Guide, Script, Performance/Accompaniement Music, Graphics Package

Cast List
  • Grandpa Woods: A carpenter, narrator of the story Grandma Woods: His wife
  • Chipper: His six-year old granddaughter (or grandson)
  • Pinocchio: A marionette carved of "naughty" pine
  • Geppetto: A wood carver, Pinocchio's father
  • Collodi Cricket: A talking insect, voice of Pinocchio's conscience ("Pinocchio" was written by Carlo Collodi.)
  • Purple Fairy/Violet: Pinocchio's magical and beautiful friend
  • Pietro: Master of the Marionette Theater
  • Harlequin: Star of the Marionette Theater
  • Pulcinella: Co-star of the Marionette Theater
  • Sly Foxx: A con-man
  • Klever Katt: Foxx's partner in crime
  • Melampo: A dog
  • String Bean: Pinocchio's skinny friend
  • Ringmaster: Head of the circus
  • Assistant: His assistant
  • Tonio Tuna: A friendly fish
  • Village Children 1, 2, 3: Children who love Geppetto's marionettes
  • School Children 1, 2, 3: Pinocchio's classmates
  • Donkey Children 1, 2, 3: Lazy children who run away to the Land of Toys
  • Chorus: any number of Marionettes, School Children, Donkey Children, Villagers and Fish
  • Tacoma Musical Playhouse, Tacoma, Washington
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