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The Emperor's New Clothes (play)

The Emperor's New Clothes (play)
The Emperor's New Clothes (play)

Grades: 4-Adult

Running Time: 30 minutes

About: Experience this new, humorous setting of the famous Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. This well-known tale is of a good-hearted but gullible king, duped by two cunning scoundrels who weave an invisible suit of clothes that only the wise can see. The dialog is witty and fun for all ages. 

Royalty: $15 per performance

Cast List Narrators: Two or more students. May be different for each scene. King: He is good-hearted, but gullible. Queen: She may be matronly, or aloof and aristocratic. Princess: The eldest child, lovely and charming. Prince: The youngest child, usually a royal pain. Artist: Male or female. Court Herald: Male or female, carries a staff to tap on the floor when announcing guests MINISTERS: (All may be male or female) Army: Very proper and militaristic. Culture: Carries an artist's palette or something related to the fine arts. Recreation: Carries a badminton racquet. Commerce: Carries a ledger and a quill pen. Pets: Carries a stuffed animal or parrot. Education: Carries a thick stack or scroll of "test results." Fashion: Elegant dresser. Style & Propriety: Very courteous, bows a lot. Townsperson 1, 2 & 3: Male or female. Guido: The leader of the scoundrels, confident and self-assured. Luigi: Nervous, awkward, not too bright Guards (2) Ensemble of Townspeople
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