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Famous Fantasy Character Monologs

Famous Fantasy Character Monologs
Famous Fantasy Character Monologs

If you’re looking for monologs that are witty, hysterical, and completely fresh and different, then look no further!  You will recognize the fantasy characters in this collection of monologs even though the names have been changed to fit the style of a parody presentation.  The monologs are short, easy to memorize and perfect for elementary and middle school classrooms, contests, comedy auditions or even school talent shows.  Whether presented with or without costumes, these 100 monologs — 50 for girls and 50 for guys — are sure to be a hit!  Not only that, they’re fun, too!  From The Disgruntled Tooth Fairy, Secret Agent Little Red Riding Hood and Acrophobic Super-Duper Man to Ophthalmologist Wannabe Larry Plotter, Hemophobic Count Dracula and more than 90 others, there’s sure to be something for everyone!

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