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Monologues They'll Remember You By

Monologues They'll Remember You By
Monologues They'll Remember You By

Monologues They'll Remember You By: 80 Unique and Compelling Monologues That Leave a Lasting Impression

Finding the right monologue can often be a frustrating task. Too frequently, monologue books rely on time-worn staples that have been heard a million times before, or are padded out with aimless, insipid pieces that often aren't even taken from actual plays. In Monologues They'll Remember You By you'll find 80 (40 male, 40 female) fresh, engaging monologues from award-winning playwright Andrew Biss that allow you to create memorable character portraits of depth and vitality for that all-important moment in the spotlight.

Divided into male and female comedic, dramatic, and seriocomic categories, this book also provides a useful guide on how to look beyond age and gender in many of these monologues in order to broaden your performance options. Additionally, each monologue is preceded by a concise summary of the plot, setting, and character profile.

The starting age ranges of almost all of the women's and men's monologues included in the book are in their 20s and 30s, with the vast majority of them starting in their 20s. The age ranges are often very broad for these monologues and the author does an exemplary job in explaining why, both in the informative and illuminating foreword and in each monologue's introductory text.

All of the monologues included in this collection are from published plays that are widely available, almost all having received successful and critically acclaimed productions in New York, London, Los Angeles and beyond.

Whether a professional or student actor, you'll find this book an invaluable resource for landing that coveted role or winning that competition.

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