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Audition Monologs for Student Actors (Vol. I)

Audition Monologs for Student Actors (Vol.  I)
Audition Monologs for Student Actors (Vol. I)

Audition Monologs for Student Actors (Vol.  I)

Selections from Contemporary plays

One of the most startling and reliable measures of vitality in the contemporary American theatre is the staggering volume and high quality of new plays that it continues to produce.  This anthology is offered as a partial reflection of some of the best new work that has been written since 1980.  Not found in other published texts, the 57 monologues in this book are all from recently produced plays from both established and emerging new writers and are specifically suited for auditioning.  Selected both because of how well they represent American theatre over the past few decades and because of their suitability for young actors between the ages of 15 and 25, this collection is a wonderful resource for teachers and readers looking for new material not only for audition purposes but also for competitions and studio work.  While the themes are primarily those of interest to this age group, the writers and characters embody the diversity of America today.  A number of women writers are included here, as well as female characters both young and old, contemporary and historical.  In the category of ethnic diversity, you’ll find both writers and characters from Hispanic, African-American, and Asian backgrounds.  The works address the major trends and conflicts of today, through revealing glimpses of society as we know it.

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