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Piano Keyboard Stickers

Piano Keyboard Stickers
Piano Keyboard Stickers

Looking for a fun and engaging way to learn the piano? Look no further than Twisted Play's amazing piano/keyboard stickers! These stickers are so thin, you'll barely even notice they're there. They have a smooth surface with no resistance, so you can practice all your techniques without any hassle. And the best part? The stickers are large, clear, and easy to read, so even kids will be able to memorize note positions and learn the piano in no time. It's like having your own personal piano teacher right there with you!

  • Our stickers are perfect for beginners and little masters alike. They can withstand the constant impact of fingers and will always be legible and never fade. Plus, they're waterproof, so if the surface gets dirty, just wipe it with a damp cloth to clean it off.
  • And here's the kicker: our stickers won't leave any glue residue on your keyboard! That's right, our adhesive is clean and durable, so you can remove and paste the stickers as many times as you want without harming your keyboard.

So if you're ready to take your piano skills to the next level, grab a set of our piano/keyboard stickers today!

Contains:  88-key Staff Notation


1. Wash hands and clean the keyboard before pasting kids piano stickers.

2. Confirm how many keys your piano has, usually 37/49/54/61/88 keys.

3. There is a unique number printed besides each piano key letter. According to the number sequence of the installation manual, from the keyboard left to right, paste the stickers corresponding to the numbers.

4. Piano key sticker can be pasted several times, if first time it pasted not properly, you can tear it off and paste it again.

Looking for a class set? Please contact us.

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