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Henny Penny's Big Adventure

Henny Penny's Big Adventure

This show is royalty-free for schools. This means you do not need to pay an additional royalty fee for productions at schools. 

The rights to unlimited amateur performances of this show at one location are granted with the purchase of this script. For other amateur or professional performances, a royalty fee per performance must be remitted to Twisted Plays. Permission to reproduce copies of the play included in this text is granted to amateur groups with the purchase of this play. Royalty fees for this play range from $5-$10 per performance.
All rights, including professional, motion picture, radio broadcasting, television, video or sound taping, all other forms of mechanical or electronic reproductions or information storage and retrieval systems and photocopying, and the rights of translation into foreign languages, are strictly reserved by the publisher, Twisted Plays. Any Inquiries concerning these rights should be directed to the publisher.  

Henny Penny's Big Adventure

Step into the exciting world of Henny Penny and Friends, where the barnyard comes alive with adventure, friendship, and valuable lessons! This captivating play offers an engaging experience for young learners in grades 3-5, combining entertainment with educational activities that align with Common Core Standards.

Join Henny Penny and her animal friends on a modern-day adventure in this heartwarming and inspiring play. When Henny Penny receives a message on her smartphone warning her that "the sky is falling," she sets out on a journey to investigate, encountering various obstacles along the way. With the help of her tech-savvy rooster friend, Rocky, wise old owl, Ollie, and curious duck, Daphne, Henny Penny perseveres and saves the day. But that's not all - their actions have a profound impact on the creatures they helped, leading to a transformation of their barnyard into a place of beauty and harmony. This play is a delightful tale of courage, determination, and the power of working together to make a difference. With a cast of lovable animal characters and a charming storyline, this play is perfect for children and families who want to be inspired and entertained.

Key Features:

  • Educational Fun: "Henny Penny's Big Adventure" isn't just a play; it's a week-long lesson plan in disguise! Packed with activities that align with Common Core Standards for grades 3-5, this play fosters critical thinking, character analysis, creative writing, and theme exploration.
  • Character Development: Your students will delve into the personalities and motivations of the play's lovable characters. Through discussions and creative writing, they'll gain a deeper understanding of character traits and how they shape a narrative.
  • Narrative Writing: Encourage budding writers to craft their narratives from the perspective of their favorite characters. This hands-on approach to storytelling enhances their descriptive writing and narrative skills.
  • Theme Exploration: Uncover the play's central themes and engage in thoughtful discussions about responsibility, teamwork, and the ethical use of technology.
  • Interactive Learning: "Henny Penny's Big Adventure" invites students to actively participate in discussions, peer sharing, and reflective activities, promoting a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

This show is part of our CoreDramatics program. This show includes lesson plans and activities that are aligned to the common core standards.

Cast List
  • Henny Penny, a tech-savvy chicken who is brave and determined.
  • Rocky, a rooster who is skilled with technology and gadgets.
  • Ollie, an owl who is wise and provides guidance to the other animals.
  • Daphne, a curious and adventurous duck.
  • Creatures from another planet (at least 3)
  • Cow (has a single line later in the play)

Other farm animals are also possible

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