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The Cheese Stands Alone [eKit]

The Cheese Stands Alone [eKit]
Show Features: Friendship , Self-Belief
The Cheese Stands Alone [eKit]
Step into the whimsical world of the farmer's dell, where an adventure in friendship awaits in "The Cheese Stands Alone." Cheesy, our endearing protagonist, yearns to bridge the gap with the enigmatic Mister Rat, whose mysterious intentions keep everyone guessing. As Cheesy grapples with the blues, a surprise visit from the "Cheeses of the World" - Gouda, Limburger, and a lively bunch - takes center stage, bringing laughter, joy, and a profound lesson in the true essence of friendship and self-belief.

This delightful 20-minute musical is tailor-made for primary grades (K-4) and offers a magical medley of music, emotion, and life lessons. With the musical talents of renowned composers John Higgins and John Jacobson, this enchanting production will captivate young audiences and inspire the performer in every child.

Key Features:

  • Five original songs that traverse a variety of musical styles, promising toe-tapping tunes that will have the audience humming long after the curtains fall.
  • A clever script that weaves an engaging narrative with easy rhyming lines, making it accessible for young voices and budding actors.
  • The comprehensive eKit, which includes vocal lines, lyric sheets, and dialog, provides everything young performers need conveniently under one cover.
  • But that's not all! The professionally produced orchestration by John Higgins adds the perfect final touch to ensure your musical journey is a harmonious and memorable one.

"The Cheese Stands Alone" isn't just a performance; it's an educational experience wrapped in the joy of music and storytelling. Young performers will grow not only as musicians but as individuals, learning the power of friendship, determination, and believing in themselves.

Don't miss the opportunity to bring "The Cheese Stands Alone" to your school or community. This musical masterpiece is more than just a show; it's a heartwarming tale that will resonate with young hearts and leave a lasting impression. Get ready for a musical adventure that will melt even the coldest heart and spread smiles throughout your audience.

Grades: K-4

eKit Includes: Student Script, Teacher Manual (with score, choreography and more), Performance/Accompaniment music 

Cast List






-Cheesy: Cheese head.

-Telegram deliver:

-Various Cheese types-Gouda, Brie, Feta, Limburger, Swiss Cheese, Fondue, Gorgonzola, Buffalo Mozzarella, Sharp Cheddar, Velveeta, Scarletta (have NO idea what kind THIS is! LOL, just make up some sort of cheese costume) and Camembert. I used fabric rectangles, with a hole for the head, that slipped over each cheese character’s head. Get as creative as you want.

Casting Notes: Cheesy: Must be able to pull of super sadness during his solos in “All Alone.” Mr. Rat: He/she’s MEAN!

Show Basics
Show Kit Type eKit
Song List
  • The Cheese Stands Alone: Country Rock tune based off the traditional “The Farmer in the Dell” song.
  • It’s the Cheese: Broadway-esque. Energetic and FUNNY! What child doesn’t want to sing about “smelly” things?!?!
  • All Alone: Country Blues. Cheesy sings TWO sad solos. The chorus part includes optional 2-part harmony opportunities.
  • Hot Time in Cheese Town: Song/Rap tune that features different kinds of cheese that have come to keep Cheesy company! Soooo FUN. Timing of the rap solos is everything on this tune! Improvised “free dance” by the chorus keeps it lively!
  • Be Yourself: March. Musical message anthem. Features optional 2-part harmonic singing.
  • Reprise: Be Yourself: True reprise of the original. An opportunity to showcase character and group bows.
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