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Happy, the High-Tech Snowman [eKit]

Happy, the High-Tech Snowman [eKit]
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Happy, the High-Tech Snowman [eKit]

Step into a world of winter wonder and technological magic with "Happy, the High-Tech Snowman"!

Join Samantha and her friends on a snowy day as they dive headfirst into the world of screens and gadgets. But when they least expect it, a sunglass-wearing snowman named Happy comes to life, driven by his burning curiosity about today's technology. Until now, he's been stuck in the icy past, but that's all about to change.

Watch as Happy quickly becomes immersed in a whirlwind of techno-talk and electronic devices, making for a hilarious and heartwarming adventure. When a video of Happy's charming song and dance goes viral, the story takes an unexpected turn. Suddenly, Happy finds himself pursued by scientists, reporters, and paparazzi who are eager to uncover his secret.

But fear not, because Samantha and her friends rally together! They send out a rallying cry to everyone they know, and a heartwarming flash mob forms to distract Happy's pursuers and save our high-tech hero.

"Happy, the High-Tech Snowman" is a delightful musical that blends the joy of childhood with the excitement of modern technology. It's a heartwarming tale of friendship, teamwork, and the magic that can happen when we put down our screens and connect with one another. Don't miss this enchanting show that will leave you with a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart!

By Jill Gallina & Michael Gallina

Grades: 4-8

Running Time: 35 minutes

eKit Includes:  Director Guide, student script (PDF) and Vocal/Accompaniment music

Cast List
  • Happy the Snowman 
  • Samantha 
  • Mom (Samantha's Mom, Mrs. Jones) 
  • Dad (Samantha's Dad, Mr. Jones) 
  • TV News Anchor # I 
  • TV News Anchor #2 
  • TV News Camera Person (non-speaking part) 
  • Paparazzi # I 
  • Paparazzi #2 (2-8 paparazzi as permitted by performance area)
  • Three Professors: 
    • Dr. Sigmund Floyd, Psychologist
    • Dr. Hail Storm, Meteorologist 
    • Dr. Hugh Mankind, Anthropologist 
  • Randy, Kim, Dan, Katie, Woody, Janet, Mike, Sheryl (Samantha's friends) 
    • (additional friends with non-speaking parts may be added) 
Show Basics
Show Kit Type eKit
Song List

1. Might as Well Put on a Show

2. Make No Apology for Technology

3. Something Is Wrong with This Picture

4. Text Talk 

5. Gotta Find Our Man!

6. Gotta Find Our Man! (Reprise)

7. Get Happy! 

8. Get Happy! (Reprise)

Running Time < 1 hour
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