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Carnival of the Animals (Musical)

Carnival of the Animals (Musical)

Step right up to "Carnival of the Animals: The Musical," where the enchanting world of music and imagination comes alive! It's Carnival Time, and you're cordially invited to embark on a whimsical journey alongside a lively cast of characters. Meet the regal lion, the graceful turtles, the melodious singing donkeys, and the majestic waltzing elephants, among a captivating ensemble of other charming animals. Together, they breathe life into the timeless compositions of the celebrated composer, Camille Saint-Saëns.

This musical extravaganza is thoughtfully tailored for elementary students, making it the perfect choice for an all-school revue. You have the flexibility to produce the show with minimal set and costuming, ensuring accessibility for schools with limited resources. Alternatively, if time and resources permit, you can elevate the production with more elaborate sets and costumes, creating a truly magical experience.

Included in this package is the script, complete with staging directions and vocal lines, making it easy for teachers and students to bring this delightful story to life. To enhance the musical experience, the  spectacular orchestration by the renowned John Higgins, ensuring a professional and captivating performance.

As your performers take the stage and their parents gather to enjoy the captivating melodies of Camille Saint-Saëns, you'll not only create a memorable experience but also introduce your students to the world of great orchestral classics. "Carnival of the Animals: The Musical" promises to be an enchanting, educational, and entertaining journey for all ages. Don't miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary musical carnival!

eKit Includes: Libretto (script and vocal score), Vocal and Accompaniment Music, Graphics

Show Basics
Song List

1. introduction

2. Overture

3. A Bunch Of Scales

4. Donkey Songs Are Best Forgot

5. Farmyard Frenzy

6. Hop Hop Hop Hooray

7. Life Is A Beautiful Dream

8. See The Lion Brave And Mighty

9. Very Long Ago, In Another Age

10. We Are The Turtle Brothers

11. What Bird Am I?

12. When You Are Big No One Ever Asks You To Dance

13. While The World Around Us Hurries Everywhere

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