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Snow White: A New Musical

Snow White: A New Musical
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Snow White: A New Musical

A Tale Retold: Experience Snow White Like Never Before

Forget poisoned apples and damsels in distress, this Snow White isn't your grandma's fairytale. Buckle up for a modern musical twist where the fairest of them all is anything but fragile.

In this reimagined Snow White, forget poisoned apples and damsels in distress. Our Snow White is a powerhouse, rocking out her own anthem and forging friendships in the forest with a singing group called The Dwarfz. When a jealous Sorceress plots to extinguish her beauty, Snow White teams up with the charming Prince, her spirited friend Rose Red, and the Prince's sidekick Gary, to face a battle of magic, music, and self-discovery. Expect fierce fight scenes, unexpected romance, and a finale where love and unity triumph over darkness. Get ready for a Snow White like never before, where the fairest of them all is anything but fragile.

This is not your grandmother's Snow White. This is a story for the modern age, where heroes come in all shapes and sizes, love conquers all, and the music will leave you singing long after the curtain falls.

eKit Contains: Script, Graphics, Performance/Accompaniement Music, Piano/Vocal Score

A Note On Music: This show requires the use of licensed music. There is a one-time fee associated with the musical of $170 to license all music from the show which includes 5 copies of the P/V music for each song.

School Groups (where actors are NOT paid): There are no additional licensing fees for this show for 1 or performances. 2+ performances are $75 each. Max licensing fee of $700 (11+ performances)

This show is scheduled to be released Spring, 2024

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