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Cupid's Missing Arrows

Cupid's Missing Arrows

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Cupid's Missing Arrows

Cupid's Missing Arrows: A Heart-Warming Play for All Ages

Love is in the air, but chaos is afoot! This Valentine's Day, join bubbly Cupid and his loyal fairy sidekick, Sparkle, in a hilarious quest to track down his missing arrows. When mischief-makers and a grumpy goblin threaten to ruin the day of love, it takes teamwork, laughter, and a sprinkle of fairy magic to set things right.

A whirlwind of adventure awaits:

  • Meet a lovable cast of characters: From mischievous Giggle Gigglers to a lovestruck inventor with heart-shaped gadgets, your audience will fall in love with every quirky personality.
  • Laughter guaranteed: Packed with puns, jokes, and silly situations, this play will have hearts of all ages giggling with glee.
  • A heartwarming message: Through the search for the missing arrows, discover the true power of love, friendship, and understanding.
  • Perfect for family fun: Whether you're looking for a classroom performance, a community theater production, or a charming addition to your family celebrations, "Cupid's Missing Arrows" will make your Valentine's Day unforgettable.

So raise your heart-shaped wands and get ready for a magical journey! This delightful play is the perfect recipe for laughter, love, and a heaping dose of Valentine's cheer.

Bonus features:

  • Easy-to-stage scenes and colorful costumes make this play adaptable to any venue.
  • Catchy singalong songs and vibrant dances add an extra layer of excitement.
  • A message of inclusivity reminds us that love comes in all shapes and sizes.

Make your Valentine's Day sparkle with "Cupid's Missing Arrows" - a play that will warm your hearts and leave everyone humming with joy!

Cast List
  • Cupid: A cheerful cherub with mischievous eyes and a big heart.
  • Sparkle: Cupid's loyal fairy sidekick, full of optimism and glittery dust.
  • Professor Pennywise: A quirky inventor with a passion for heart-shaped gadgets.
  • Baron Blister: A grumpy goblin who hates love and collects mismatched socks.
  • The Giggle Gigglers: A trio of mischievous twins who love pranks and puns.
  • Dancing Dandelions: An ensemble of blooming flowers who spread love through song and dance.
Show Basics
Running Time 30 minutes
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  • Item Number: CMA
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