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The Mystery of the Missing Melon

The Mystery of the Missing Melon

This show is royalty-free for schools. This means you do not need to pay an additional royalty fee for productions at schools. 

The rights to unlimited amateur performances of this show at one location are granted with the purchase of this script. For other amateur or professional performances, a royalty fee per performance must be remitted to Twisted Plays. Permission to reproduce copies of the play included in this text is granted to amateur groups with the purchase of this play. Royalty fees for this play range from $5-$10 per performance.
All rights, including professional, motion picture, radio broadcasting, television, video or sound taping, all other forms of mechanical or electronic reproductions or information storage and retrieval systems and photocopying, and the rights of translation into foreign languages, are strictly reserved by the publisher, Twisted Plays. Any Inquiries concerning these rights should be directed to the publisher.  

The Mystery of the Missing Melon

The Mystery of the Missing Melons: A Summertime Play for Kids (Cast size: 4-8)

Looking for a fun and refreshing way to entertain kids this summer? The Mystery of the Missing Melons is a delightful play brimming with sunshine, silliness, and a touch of detective work!

Synopsis: Sunny and Sandy's perfect picnic takes a juicy turn when their watermelons go missing! Enter Sammy the Super Sleuth, determined to crack the case. His wacky investigation leads him on a chase through the town square, questioning quirky townspeople (or should we say audience members?) and following mysterious clues. Will Sammy find the culprit and save the picnic?

This charming play is perfect for:

  • Elementary school classrooms and summer camps
  • Children's theatre productions and backyard plays
  • Parks and recreation programs
  • Anyone looking for a lighthearted and engaging summer activity

The Mystery of the Missing Melons is:

  • Easy to stage with minimal props and costumes (think colorful clothes, sunglasses, and a beach ball or two!)
  • Completely adaptable to your cast size (add more townspeople or audience participation for larger groups)
  • Filled with opportunities for audience participation, keeping young minds active
  • A celebration of summer fun, friendship, and the importance of sharing
This delightful play is sure to bring smiles and laughter to audiences of all ages!

Bonus Material:

  • Director's notes with budget-friendly staging tips included
  • Ideas for post-show activities and summer vacation discussions
  • Graphics

Age Range:  5-10 years old

Running Time: Approximately 15 minutes

Show Basics
Running Time 15 Minutes
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