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The Accidental Groom

The Accidental Groom
New In Development
The Accidental Groom

A Hilarious Farce About Love, Lies, and Last-Minute Vows!

Looking for a laugh-out-loud comedy that will leave you in stitches?

The Accidental Groom is a fast-paced farce about Bob, a music teacher with a shallow side. When Bob inherits a fortune with one outrageous catch - he must marry within 48 hours - his life turns into a hilarious whirlwind of desperate proposals, meddling friends, and unexpected romance.

Join Bob as he navigates a series of calamitous misadventures, from fending off aggressive ex-girlfriends to accidentally proposing to his least-talented student, Dana. With the clock ticking down, Bob finds himself scrambling to the altar in a chaotic wedding ceremony that erupts into a side-splitting brawl. Will Bob secure his inheritance? Will he find true love in the most unexpected place?

The Accidental Bridegroom is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser filled with:

  • Slapstick humor and witty dialogue
  • A cast of quirky characters
  • A heartwarming message about finding love in unexpected places

Don't miss this laugh-a-minute comedy that will leave you wanting more!

Cast List
  • Bob - Music teacher, initially shallow, ultimately learns a lesson
  • Dana - Unattractive, musically challenged student with a crush on Bob
  • Janet - Bob's talented, sarcastic musical accompanist
  • Amy - Bob's meddling friend
  • Max (Voiceover) - Bob's deceased uncle (heard only in voiceovers)
  • Ensemble Cast - Potential brides, ex-girlfriends, Justice of the Peace
  • Stock: In Development
  • Item Number: ACCGM
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