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The Hundred-Year Snooze: The Story of Sleeping Beauty [eKit]

The Hundred-Year Snooze: The Story of Sleeping Beauty [eKit]
The Hundred-Year Snooze: The Story of Sleeping Beauty [eKit]
Grades: 4-8 | Running Time: 30 Minutes

Get ready for a twist on the classic fairytale with The Hundred-Year Snooze: The Story of Sleeping Beauty! This energetic musical by Dave and Jean Perry is packed with humor, catchy tunes, and opportunities for students of all abilities to shine.

A Slumbering Kingdom Awaits
  • Princess Aurora isn't your typical damsel in distress. Blessed by the Seven Graces, she possesses not only beauty and charm but also wit, grace, and even a knack for math! However, when the grumpy Old Grace, long ignored by the kingdom, casts a sleeping spell, the entire castle, including the King and Queen, succumbs to a hundred-year snooze.

A Large Cast, Endless Fun
  • With a clever script, nine delightful songs, and a variety of solo, ensemble, and speaking roles, The Hundred-Year Snooze offers something for everyone.  This musical is perfect for both small and large casts, allowing every student to contribute to the magic.

Everything You Need for a Memorable Performance
  • This convenient eKit provides all the resources you need to bring The Hundred-Year Snooze to life:
    • Director's Book: A comprehensive guide for staging and directing the musical.
    • Student Script: Easy-to-follow scripts for each character.
    • Downloadable MP3 Music: Professional recordings of all the show's songs.
    • Additional Printable Resources: Including helpful extras to enhance your production.

The Grand Finale: A Show-Stopping Mix!
  • The icing on the cake? The entire cast comes together for a spectacular finale number, featuring a lively medley of all the songs combined with a fun dance beat.  This energetic conclusion is sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Spark Creativity, Ignite Confidence
  • The Hundred-Year Snooze is more than just a performance; it's an opportunity for students to develop teamwork, build self-confidence, and showcase their talents. With its positive message, catchy tunes, and flexible cast options, this delightful musical is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

*All eKit materials will come in a ZIP folder.  Please contact us if you are unable to open ZIP folders.

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