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Dino Soaring! A Prehistoric Musical

Dino Soaring! A Prehistoric Musical

Grades: K-4

Running Time: 30 minutes

About: Have a rip-roaring time teaching your kids about some amazing prehistoric creatures! Sing and play your way through the early history of life on earth and discover science in a way you never thought could be this fun! Dino Soaring! is an engaging cross-curricular resource of songs and activities for Grades 1-3 that explores the lives of seven exciting dinosaurs. It includes eight songs, an easy rhyming script, and fifteen fact-filled reproducible activities. Designed for music and general classroom teachers, this collection will reinforce learning done in other disciplines across the curriculum and engage students in a riveting musical learning experience. This collection also provides you with a “Dinosaur Vocabulary Guide”, “Life Science Curriculum Objectives”, and “Fast Facts for Teachers” for each of the seven dinosaurs to help answer basic questions and allow you to conduct fun and informed classroom discussions. Whether used as a musical revue or as a teaching tool for any classroom, Dino Soaring! is sure to provide meaningful fun for both you and your students.

Kit Includes: Directors Score, Listening CD, Enhanced ShowTrax CD

Costume Notes: Students can play scientists (using pith hats) and dinosaurs (using dino masks

  • Asa Packer Elementary School, Bethlehem, PA 
  • Wetherby Preparatory School, London, United Kingdom
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Running Time < 1 hour
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