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Nuts! A Musical That Celebrates the Circle of Life

Nuts! A Musical That Celebrates the Circle of Life
Nuts! A Musical That Celebrates the Circle of Life

Grades: K-4

Running Time: 20 minutes

About: Incoming! Incoming! Look out below! It's that time of year again - the big old oak trees are shedding their acorns all over the forest floor. That's what oak trees do. But why? And what happens to the acorns? Reinforce what you have studied in science class when a host of comical nuts and animals take center stage, complete with festive Brazil nuts, 'sneezing', macadamia nuts in grass skirts, 'muscular' chestnuts and much more! Celebrate the circle of life with this cleverly-written 20-minute musical for primary-age students that features five original songs presented in a variety of musical styles, and rhyming dialog for cross-curricular learning that will last long after the applause ends! Score BIG points with classroom teachers, administrators and parents!

Song List:

  • Beautiful Rain
  • Big Bad Squirrels
  • The Sun
  • That's The Circle Of Life
  • We're Nuts!

eKit Includes: Director's Book, Script, Performance & Accompaniment Music, Printable Lyric Sheets, Graphics Package


  • Greene County Community School District, Rippey, Iowa
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Perfect For Pre-School
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