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Welcome to Junior Drama! Your one stop for plays for kids of all ages!  We’ve got original scripts, classics and retellings of some of your favorite stories.  Take a look through our list of plays or try the Play Finder to find the exact show you are looking for.


It’s our goal to offer you our plays at the lowest possible cost.  Our downloadable kits are available instantly, so there is NO SHIPPING costs!  Each play has a small royalty that is paid to our authors for use of their work.  It’s possible to pay as little as $100 for everything you need to put on one of our plays!


All of the plays you will find in our catalog are exclusive to Junior Drama.  No other company offers these plays.  We have only the highest quality and work directly with our authors.


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Author: Joe Ferriero Item Number: CANTTELL_SCRIPT
The Grimm family has always seemed a bit peculiar, but they love each other. Their life is disrupted when daughter Angel starts dating her bosses son, Tim. Tim wants his ‘normal’ uptight mother and father to meet Angel’s family. Throw into the mix a crazy pool boy; a couple that rents the basement a..
Meet Peter. He’s 17 and he’s autistic. His family struggles with how to deal with him now that he is going to be a man. He has a mother who feels like she has wasted her life, a father who always working and a sister who is perfect. Peter loves them dearly. A touching story that will melt your heart..
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